So, if you all recall, I had put up a post challenging myself (and you!) to make small, impactful changes to your lifestyle. I promised to post a 1 month update to tell you where I am now.

As a reminder, here were my goals:

  • Week 1 (week starting 11/25) – take my multivitamins at night before bed.
  • Week 2 (12/2) – Get up at least every 2 hours during the weekdays and WALK the office floor. I recently tried it out and found that if I do a loop around the office, I can add ~400 steps in less than 5 minutes. Multiply that by 4-5 rounds, and we’re talking 1,600-2,000 extra steps/day.
  • Week 3 (12/9) – At the end of each round above, drink a cup of water.
  • Week 4 (12/16) – Replace two cups of coffee with tea (I am DREADING this one).
  • Week 5 (12/23) – Replace ONE bad snack during the day with a good (read: HEALTHY!) snack.

And here’s where I am with them:

  • Week 1 – Goal achieved! I have been taking my vitamins (AND CALCIUM!) every day.
  • Week 2  – Goal 50% achieved. I probably do this about 2x per day instead of the targeted 4x. In hindsight, 4x was a bit lofty, because I can easily get hung up in what I’m doing and/or be tied up in meetings.
  • Week 3  Easy. Goal achieved. My eyeballs are floating.
  • Week 4 – Um…WTH was I thinking when doing this? I HATE tea, I LOVE coffee. BIG MASSIVE FAIL ON THIS
  • Week 5 – So far, so good! This one is an easy one. I love fruit. I love veggies.

What are the results so far?

  • Weight – My scale HAS NOT budged; in fact, it has gone UP. This is obviously because I’ve had a bit too much holiday cheer, and also because I haven’t moved any more or increased my activity. MUST FOCUS ON THIS.
  • Appearance – I look SO MUCH BETTER. Even my mom (my ultimate critic) said that I didn’t look so old anymore. My skin is not dry like it usually is, the wrinkles under my eyes are still there but less noticeable. No more noticeable dark circles.
  • Sleep – My sleep is about the same as it was before. I am always tired, so I tend to fall asleep and stay asleep. Not much different.

If my end result is nothing other than my nutrition has improved through the introduction of vitamins, water and better snacks, I will be OK with this; although, I admit that I had wished that my weight would drop more than it has.

So, with 4 more weeks left, I am going to shift my goals to do the following: I plan to move week 9 to week 6 and just shifted everything else down. I am HOPING I can kick this excessive caffeine habit and at least add a little bit more activity to my workday…

  • Week 6 (12/30) – CATCH UP on all the habits I am not doing above
  • Week 7 (1/6) – Go to bed before 10:00 on at least 2 of the nights of my 4AM wakeups.
  • Week 8 (1/13) – THROW OUT (or save) the kids’ leftovers. Quit feeling the need to eat it.
  • Week 9 (1/20) – No more eating over the sink, or in my car, or while running between loads of laundry and bathtime. SIT for every single meal, even if it’s a quick one.


Wish me luck! Baby steps are harder than they seem!!!!

Happy New Year, everyone!


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