I gotta be honest: 2013 was downright shitty for me. Externally nothing “bad” happened, but internally I experienced (am still experiencing) an intense rewiring. And with this intense rewiring has come a disconnection ~ a disconnection from all I used to love, was passionate about, and was interested in. Conversely, some things that use to bother me no longer do. I also have no penchant for drama…or small talk for that matter. It’s been an interesting experience, this year of 2013, but not one that I can call pleasant. It’s not easy having nothing to anchor myself to. But even though I’ve been drifting in a spiritual void for most of the last 12 months, there ARE some really wonderful things that have happened this year. Those are the things I want to focus on right now and give thanks for.

My top ten BEST things about 2013:

1.) All of January and February of 2013 I went on a MAJOR decluttering spree. I cleaned out every cabinet, drawer, and closet in our house. AND organized them. I also cleared out our basement. Our house has felt energetically different since then. I’m grateful for this.

2.) My boys took swimming lessons this year. This was a huge step for us, as every year prior that I mentioned the words “swimming lessons” I’d be met with tears and angst. This year we put in a swimming pond in our yard so it was non-negotiable. We went every day for 2 weeks in May. My oldest fell in love with it and my 5 year old was very proud of himself for following through. BIG accomplishment!

3.) We put in the aforementioned swimming pond in our yard! This is something I’ve always wanted. And it turns out our kids love it even more than I do.

4.) I discovered Aerial Dance!!! This is something that always fascinated me and I’ve dreamed of doing. Last June I found a place in New Haven that teaches aerial silks. Even though New Haven scares the hell outta me and it’s a 45 minute drive, I decided to step outside my comfort zone to pursue this dream. I’m SO GLAD I did. It just may be the best thing I’ve ever personally done for just myself.

5.) I relaunched my Love From Baby website based on pre-birth communication (with the help of my Dear Sister, Michelle Noehren!). My website is experiencing a life that it never has before. This is part of my life’s purpose and it makes me soooo happy.

6.) My husband experienced a rebirth/transformation this year that was precipitated by stepping out of his comfort zone and signing up for a 7 day mountain bike race in Canada this summer. Training for and participating in this event brought a new life to him that he continued well past the finish. He has become more peaceful, more optimistic, more engaging with our kids and just plain happier. This is a MIRACLE to me and one I’d been praying for for years. I’m sooooo happy to have a happy hubby again!

7.) My 8 year old started taking karate. My 8 year is quirky and wonderful. He’s not interested in things other kids are like sports or riding a bike, but since he was 4 years old he’s been talking about taking karate, though admitting he wasn’t actually ready to try it. This year he decided it was time and he LOVES it! This is MAGICAL, as my free-spirited boy has not enjoyed any other organized group class we’ve ever tried. He’s been taking karate for 4 months now and looks forward to every class. I LOVE watching my boy enjoy his passion.

8.) My wonderful hubby accommodated my request of turing our first floor master bedroom into an aerial studio! (Is he awesome or what?) It was torture for me to only get on my aerial silks once a week in class, when I just wanted to practice, practice, practice. So in October we had a beam put in our cathedral ceiling so I could hang my own silks. Now I get to practice as much as I want. This is HEAVEN for me!

9.) I got my nose pierced! For YEARS I’d been saying I was going to do this. Right after my first aerial class, I knew it was time. (I don’t know why but aerial dance and piercings feel like they go together.) I love it. It’s just ME.

10.) This holiday season, instead of feeling like I had to impress my visiting family, I admitted that I was emotionally struggling and we were low on money.  I’m so glad I shared this with all of them as I’ve never felt more nurtured and cared for. Everyone really stepped to the plate and helped out. It was a lovely, lovely, lovely holiday season with my family. One I’ll always remember fondly.

So 2013, even though I’ll be BEYOND HAPPY to see you go, you did bring some MAJOR gifts…which makes my worst year one of the best ever. ♥

Happiest on my silks

Happiest on my silks

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