It looks like another year has come and gone way too fast. I feel like I was just welcoming ’13 and here it is almost ’14. If you’re following social media, it seems like it was a tough year for a lot of people out there. Jobs were lost, hearts were broken, pets, parents and grandparents passed on. And then there’s all the tragedy in the world at large (I’m talking to you Boston Marathon and Russian Railway attacks). People have a lot of reasons to feel down this year. Many people are happy to tell 2013 to kiss their ass with the hopes that 2014 will be better, different somehow.

Here’s what I think: Flipping the page of the calendar will not change your life unless you make the choice to change your life. I am choosing to see the positive. I want to look back on the fun stuff from this year.

The girl turned five and started kindergarten and is learning to read and write-holy crap! My husband coaches the local high school hockey team and they went all the way to the state championship game-what a wild ride that was! My parents are both healthy and traveled to Italy for their 50th wedding anniversary. My husband and I both got “new to us” cars. We finally re-carpeted our first floor. We built snowmen in the winter and sand castles in the summer. The Bruins won the Stanley Cup and the Red Sox won the World Series.  I like to think my wicked fan-dom helped.

I don’t feel like I wasted a minute of the time I’ve had with my family. That’s such a good feeling. But that leaves me with some pretty hefty expectations for 2014. How am I going to top this year? Here are a few of my ideas:

This is the year that I get my debt under control. And start a college fund for Z. Or at least pay my bills on time. Well, ok, I will pay them. Most of them.

Yes, December's bills went unopened.  But don't worry, I opened every one of the holiday cards you sent me! Phew! Image: kstevenson

Yes, December’s bills went unopened. But don’t worry, I opened every one of the holiday cards you sent me! Phew!
Image: kstevenson

This is the year I lose the baby weight. Wait — Can I still call it baby weight when the “baby” is almost 6 years old? Sure.

This is the year I stop comparing myself to other moms-on Facebook, on Pinterest, anywhere. My kid got what she got when she got me and we’re doin’ just fine. Unconditionally fine.

This is the year I get my discipline act together. No more Mommy Nice Guy. I will count to three and keep my word. I will back up my husband when he’s laying down the law. The world doesn’t need another spoiled, over indulged child.

This is the year of controlling my grocery store spending while making delicious healthy meals from scratch that my family will love. No more take out! Seriously.  I mean it.  Ok, pizza on Friday’s.  But only Fridays…(Stop laughing, Mom.)

This is the year I get good at my job. I mean, really good. We’re talking rave reviews and promotions. My late mother-in-law used to say that pro hockey players had one job, “Fore-check, back-check, collect paycheck!” That’s how it is for any job really.  Do your job, be the best you can at it, and the rest falls in place.  Wisdom.  Oh yeah, this is the year I use my vacation time for actual vacation rather than mostly kid sick days. Please?

This is the year I find time for me…right after I co-lead that Girl Scout Troop and bring Zoey to dance class, and start her in Learn to Skate lessons. And make dinner. And do laundry. And everything else that’s on the list…

Well, I think that’s enough to get me started. Happy New Year everyone. Hope it’s a joyous one full of laughter, acceptance and manageable expectations.

Image: Someecards


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