imagesEvery year I look forward to cleaning my workspace and starting fresh for the new year. This year was no exception. After a week off, I had a renewed sense of energy and pitched just about everything this afternoon. My co-workers and teammates were somewhat shocked as piles of paper started to cover the entire floor of my cubicle space. I used the GOING GREEN campaign at my work as an excuse for why I didn’t need to keep endless workflows and meeting agenda’s, now available on the shared internet site. So why clutter my workspace with paper when I can recycle and use technology to stay organized!

The reality is that I’m unchallenged and seeking a different direction in my work life. Whenever I feel stuck or lost, I clean to make space. Today was no exception. It’s similar to the frequent quiet drives I make to and from work. If I am quiet enough, I may be able to hear myself. The same logic should apply to ‘stuff’ right? The less things around and the more ‘useful’ those things are the more clarity I will experience.

I’m fortunate to work in an industry that frequently changes. There are performance targets, deadlines, and the excitement of a contract-driven business. So, I have had some fun, exciting and even scary projects. Most of all, I have learned a lot about myself and others. My current projects are simply not as interesting and it has been awhile since I have been really challenged.

What do you do when you’re unsatisfied…but still enjoy your job?

I decided that I would use The Purge as a way to clear out what I don’t want and keep only the things that I find interesting. After a few hours, I started to feel a little more hopeful, even creating a list of things I may want to learn more about in the coming year. Setting the Intention.

Another small change I made was to take down the small notes, pictures, and cards I had received in the past few years. There were so many memories I cherish and I want to add them to keepsakes I’ve had from other important times in my life. Perhaps a collage of these things will remind me of what I found fulfilling in those moments.

This also leaves some blank walls to fill with the next adventure. In some ways, I wish I had the excitement of a New Year’s Resolution or a good bout of righteous indignation about a passionate cause. I’ve spent a lifetime reacting to something. Having to quietly create space in an effort to find a new direction feels much scarier.

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