Dear Mia,

I know you are only three-and-a-half and can’t read yet, but since we’ve got exactly a month before your brother arrives, I want to be honest and let you know up front that your/our world is about to change dramatically. You’re going to wonder who this new pushy kid that has invaded our home is and why he is getting all the attention.  It is going to be challenging for you to share the spotlight with someone else, and we know this transition will be far from easy.  But I can guarantee you that we’ll have a lot of fun moments too, especially since you love babies.  Please bear with your mom and dad as we try to figure out what we have gotten ourselves into and as we attempt to make our family of four as functional and happy as possible.

One thing I should let you know is that newborns are very needy – and LOUD.  They cry a lot, and demand to be loved, held, and fed – constantly!  You were the same way (and kind of still are).  They basically don’t do much in the first few weeks except for pooping, eating, sleeping, and crying. When he does start becoming more alert, you will be a prime target for hair pulling, face swatting, and nose grabbing. But that’s because he’s being playful and curious about his cool big Sis.

Hard to believe you were this little.  Photo credit: MG Peak

Hard to believe you were this little. Photo credit: MG Peak

You have taught us so much as your parents so I know you’ll be a great older sibling by teaching your brother the following things:

*Walking/running/climbing and generally getting into things you shouldn’t be in.

*How to use the potty (you expressed an interest in teaching him this the other day, I just hope you have the wiping thing perfected by then).

*How to make that pouty face that gets you what you want (usually this works on daddy).

*How to avoid bedtime by making claims of hunger, fear of monsters, or whatever else you come up with.

I want to thank you for a few of the nice things you have done throughout this pregnancy like talking to your brother through my belly and wishing him a good day before you head off to school; offering me a hand when I could not get up from the couch; getting me snacks from the pantry; and sitting calmly in front of the TV so I could rest, when you probably should have been outside building snowmen or making snow angels or something.  You have been awesome, thanks for that.  We can already tell you will make a great little helper.

We are proud of the person you have become.  This baby is so lucky to have you for an older sister.  So get ready for all that is to come, it is going to be one wild ride!




So proud of this little lady! Photo credit:  Teddy Bear Portraits

So proud of this little lady! Photo credit: Teddy Bear Portraits

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