So this is the second time I am birthing a child from my vagina and I want to talk about preparing for the second child. The first time around most women over analyze everything, buy everything and finish the nursery the week after you get a positive pregnancy test. My background is in science so while most women are guided more by their emotional intuition I am guided by facts and figures.

I read more books than I like to admit and took class after class, but you know what? You are having a child not a controllable experiment that will react exactly how you want. So no matter how much you think you know…..the fact is you know SHIT (I say this with love). Do not be scared because you will learn. Mothers adapt very quickly. It is biological and honestly a necessity to the human race.

So I made it through the first day, then month and now it has been two years. I did not kill my child and we are relatively happy family (tantrums are around every corner, LOL) So of course you think “I got this, why not do it again?” So here I am almost 8 months later and the realities are all rushing back.

I am remembering all the things you seem to forget.

I remember the stretch marks, the feeling that my pelvis is being crushed, hemorrhoids, sleepless nights, non stop crying, diaper blow outs, spit up, not taking a shower for weeks, labor, and so many things you need to put out of your mind to survive.

So this time around it seems my preparation is much different. I know that babies do not need all the crap we buy, hell they do not even need a room right away. What they need is you, a car seat, some diapers and food (formula or boob take your pick) but besides that not much else is needed.

Because I realize this, my nursery is not anywhere near completed and the “nesting’ mode they talk about is pretty non-much existent but the one thing I realize is I CANNOT really prepare for this baby. She is coming on her own accord and will react how she wants and all I can do is learn.  Learn from her what to do.

Hopefully quickly but be rest assured we always do….


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