I did something last week that scared the shit out of me: I asked for my needs to be met.

For weeks months years, I’ve been craving some alone time. Some time to be quiet, sit in peace, and hear myself think without having to change a diaper, make endless meals and snacks, or referee the latest brotherly scuffle. I’d been hinting to my husband since this past summer that he should take the boys to his parents house in Maine for a few days so I could have some alone time, but last week I finally worked up the courage to ASK. Of course, my asking took the form of an email to my hubby because this courageous chick was too chicken-shit to ask him to his face…

In any case, my wonderful hubby agreed, cleared his schedule, and took the boys to Maine from Thursday to Sunday.

Mamas, I haven’t been ALONE like this in 15 years! And I have to say, it was HEAVEN.  It was a time of incredible self-nuturing, honoring my body’s needs, and being my own best friend.

Here are some of the highlights from my honeymoon with myself:

* Looooong bubble baths by candle-light every night. I came to call them “session-baths” because I’d get up to change the music, refill my champagne, add more bubbles, let the dog back in and then go back in my tub. My baths were almost 2 hours long and pure bliss. Ahhhhhhh…..

* Going to the grocery store and buying food just for ME!

* Discovering I really don’t mind preparing food for myself (I really hadn’t been doing that lately), it’s just that I’m usually so tapped out feeding my boys I don’t have the energy to feed myself.  Note to self: find a better balance in nourishing myself!

* I treated myself to a deep tissue massage at a spa that is right around the corner from me and yet I’d never been there. I can now see myself going back regularly.

* Buying myself flowers two days in a row.

* Sleeping in until 9am!!!

* Not paying attention to the time at all!

* Making myself fresh grapefruit juice ~ yummmm! (And mixing it with champagne ~ double yum!)

* A girl’s night out with a couple of my friends and then coming back to my quiet house with them. That’s NEVER happened before!

* Making mental plans for myself, and then mentally canceling them because I just wanted to be home in bed.

* Spending so much time on my bed, with the fireplace on, a movie on in the background while reading interesting things on my computer or kindle. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

* Hearing myself think. And DAMN, I’ve gotten really wise. Who knew?

* No pee on any toilet seat in any bathroom.

Asking for this need of mine to be met was really, really difficult for me (why is this so hard for Mamas?) and it was also one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. A gift. Of getting to know who I am NOW.

Can’t wait for my next honeymoon.

Happy Magical Monday. ♥

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