don and momAhhhhhhh. I love you. We have such a ball together. You ask a lot of questions and I love answering them…most times. Sometimes I’m stressed, sorry. I love you so much, though. I can’t believe the person you are.

You’re creative, and smart, funny, and so, so kind. I love hanging out with you, and talking with you. Sometimes, I get distracted or am just so tired and I apologize, but I want you to know that the moments I have with you, I cherish.

You say some of the most amazing things. Here are a few of my favorites “Donisms”.

“I’m cold. I think I need the fan on”

“here’s a plan, why don’t we hang out before we go to the grocery”

“Why are all of these commercials for girls?”

“We got a really great baby!”


“How did you make me?”

“Do you think the teenage mutant ninja turtles live underneath the streets?”

“This is the greatest New year ever!”

“I need to tell you a secret, I love you.”

“We haven’t been there for a long time ago.”

Thank you for loving me, Donald. I can’t imagine the world without you. I am so happy you’re my son.


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