As many of you already know, I have four beautiful grown daughters. Each has her set of talents and yes, her own set of flaws. I stand in awe when I realize that they came from my body so many years ago. And it’s easy to pick out which traits they picked up (or were born with) from their father or me, or some generation long gone in our family history.

For example, my eldest daughter Lynn has inherited a trait of mine that sometimes I wish I didn’t have. Volunteering! Now don’t get me wrong, I think that volunteering for your place of worship, your community, the hospitals, the Humane Society, or any other worthwhile situation isn’t something that is good for the soul and good for your fellow human beings, on the contrary! But what happens to us is that we OVER volunteer! There is a saying. “If you need something to be done always ask a busy person to do it.” Well here we are… volunteering for everything! It’s usually because we see a need and no one else raises a hand to help OR it’s because we know that we have the expertise to do the job correctly and efficiently. Before we know it we are working as many hours volunteering as we are at our paying job! And you must know that she is raising two toddlers while doing this.

Then there is my second eldest Trisha. She loves the great outdoors. Ski, hike, boating, fishing, or anything else that you can do in Mother Nature’s domain is where you will find her. THIS DID NOT COME DOWN THROUGH MY GENE POOL! My idea of camping is a nice hotel with a restaurant, a bar, and a hot shower. The most I like to do outside is golf, and that’s only if the weather is not too hot or cold. I believe this came from my husband’s side of the family as his father ALWAYS wanted to be outside gardening, hiking, etc.

Let’s not forget Kate! Like her mother, she’s not interested in the great outdoors so much. She would really like to be sitting in front of a potter’s wheel throwing clay and building beautiful slab art. Out of all my children she is the one who inherited the artist from her father and me. (Yes, we met in art school!) I have many of the pieces that she created in college and even a few paintings that survived over the years. Right now she’s busy with her two year old (with another on the way very soon) and working a very demanding job, but I know that sometime in the future she will want to return to the clay. It’s in her blood

So this leaves the “Baby.” Younger by nearly six years than her next oldest sister, she exhibits so many different sides of my husband and I that it is frightening sometimes! From being a Dare Devil and jumping out of planes (her father’s side), to singing Opera Arias (her father’s great, great aunt who was an opera singer), to being a fantastic organizer (that she got from me), to always falling in love way too quickly (one of my traits also), to being a Roller Derby Queen (father of course), Steph is a roller coaster that keeps on truckin’. But the best of all I save for last…

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My youngest at a recent Hartford Area Roller Derby Banquet with some friends.

The dress that you see her wearing in these two pictures was MINE! I wore it at age 26 many moons ago. Now at 27, she is reflecting my once trim and tight body. This paisley dress has survived better than my poor old body ever did, but I relish in the thought that I see myself all over again in my daughter.

I can’t ask for anything better than seeing all of them thrive in many facets of their own lives. Since their father and I are both artists, I have to say that our greatest works of art are still and will ever more be our  four wonderful daughters.

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