Pediatricians are a big part of motherhood. We all know that. We also usually trust them to do the best for our children from the time they are born until they go off to college. But when my old school, 75-yr old Pediatrician (who I trusted whole heartedly) decided to retire, he sold his practice to a young married couple (wife a Pedi and husband Internal Med) who I continued to bring my children to.

Everything went along smoothly for a number of years until my youngest started having trouble with her skin and stomach.

I brought her to the doc who ran all kinds of tests which resulted in the every one of them coming up negative. This went on for quite a while and I became quite frustrated with the medical community as a whole because it seemed as if we were getting nowhere fast.

So I thought I might take the kid to a Naturopath. The way my medical insurance was written, I needed a referral from the Pediatrician in order for the visits to the Naturopath Doc to be paid.

Well you would think I was asking the woman to refer me to a Voodoo Witch Doctor or something! I could hardly believe it when she refused to give me a referral!

“I’m not asking to send her to heroin dealer or something!
Why won’t you do this for me?
It will cost me $160 for the visit!”

She stood in front of me and informed me that she believed that these people were quacks. I was furious to say the least. So I gathered up my kid, made an appointment and shelled out the $160! I could ill afford this at the time, but I had to get a different viewpoint. And so I did!

The Naturopath spent a lot of time with us and sent us home with a questionnaire of close to 200 questions that we had to fill out and then come back with. I was amazed! The questions were simple yet covered every (and I mean EVERY) part of the body inclusive of lifestyle issues, diet, exercise, and you name it. I looked at this and thought, WOW, this is going to take forever. Plus the fact that my 14-year old was not going to be happy about spending I don’t know how many hours answering these questions.

So we sat down and started what was a pretty in depth procedure. After about 2 hours we started questions about the digestive system and came upon a simple question. “How many times a day do you have a bowel movement?”

“I don’t,” she answered.

“Well, okay, you have one every other day?”


Now I’m becoming a little concerned.

“How many times a week do you have a bowel movement?”
I asked waiting for an answer.

“Oh, maybe every four days or so,” she casually answers me.

I can’t believe this! No wonder you have problems.

And do you know what the simple solution to this entire physical problem was? EAT MORE VEGGIES AND FRUIT! This kid was in high school and was active in after school activities and so the only real fiber she was getting was when she had a dinner at my house! She was living on pizza, donuts, junk food, etc. and that was what was making her sick! I was totally amazed that the solution was so simple and all the medical doctors and tests didn’t even ask this question. For what I came to find out was this…

The established U.S. medical community is ingrained with only dealing with symptomatic problems. “So where does it hurt?” type of stuff. They love to shove pills down our throats and order tests. Not that these don’t have their place, but they never, or very rarely, ask you…”So what’s been going on in your life?” Naturopaths and some younger docs do this. They treat the whole person, not just the cut or paint or whatever. I would have never found a simple solution to my daughter’s problem if it hadn’t been for that $160 visit.

And what happened to my Pediatrician?

I ripped every file of every child I had right the hell out of that office and never saw her again! It was a lesson well learned and I shopped for a doc who was not against natural medicines, acupuncture, meditation, organic foods, or other alternatives yet could provide a vaccine or prescribe an antibiotic in case of strep throat or some other childhood malady. I believe that the answer to today’s medical health lies in both sides of the healing community and it certainly paid off for a lousy $160 that could have been covered by insurance if not for a thickheaded, egotistic Allopathic Pediatrician.

Moral of the story? Shop for your doc!

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