Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with the hit Bravo reality TV show, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH). It is my one and only guilty pleasure and I am proud to say that I faithful watch it every week. Over the years I’ve had a front row seat in the lives of famous, wealthy and talented women.  It’s almost, at times, a distraction of my own reality, one that is both rewarding and demanding at times.

However, on this season of RHOBH, there’s one woman who I disagree with on an  issue, that’s near and dear to my heart – a woman’s body. It is Carlton Gebbia’s first season on the hit show and I don’t know how other women feel about her “lifestyle,” but for me, I’m a bit disappointed. Now, don’t get me wrong, here at CT Working Moms, we are a judgment free zone, one that respects mothers choices, whether it be from deciding to formula feed from the start to co-sleeping, who am I to judge, right?. Well, I am not judging Carlton, rather I am stating that I disagree with the way she interprets the function of a woman’s body.

In the first few episodes of the RHOBH, Carlton shares with viewers how she hired a nanny based solely on looks for her two-year old son. She felt that her son should be surrounded by beautiful women and that is why she hired that particular nanny. While, yes, I agree, we all should be in good company of beautiful women, but my definition of beauty is much different.

To me, a beautiful woman has class, passion, a drive to succeed and a wonderful sense of humor. She is confident, patient, talented and doesn’t let anyone get in her way of happiness. Being “beautiful” on the outside is only a plus to me, not a requirement.

In last week’s episode, as Carlton was planning a party for her husband, she asked women to audition as strippers and waitresses. She stated to her friends that she wants her husband to be surrounded by beautiful women. I just don’t get it. Here is a woman, whose married, has children and is all in all a great person, and feels that in order for her husband to have a good time, she has to hire women to parade around half naked and on a pole.

I am not judging her for her actions, instead, I am trying to get a better understanding of why she would do this.

As I think about this more, I then ask myself what is the difference between what Carlton is doing and adult pornography. Nothing. Maybe it’s just that the viewing of adult pornography is so, “hush-hush” that not a lot of women talk about it, let alone on national TV. Also, maybe she just doesn’t care what other people may think of her “lifestyle.” All in all, I think it’s an interesting discussion and would welcome some different viewpoints.

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