As a young, white, feminist mom, I am not unfamiliar with the question of whether or not women can “have it all”. After the birth of my first child, I bought in to the hype surrounding this question and purchased Mika Brzezinski’s book, All Things at Once. I was in a post 2008 election love affair with Morning Joe and interested to see what the show’s co-host had to say on this issue.

About half way through the book, I nearly threw it out a window. No offense to Mika- to each his/her own regarding family and work choices, but “all things at once” gives the impression that you really can “have it all”, you just have to go for it. Unfortunately, according to her book, having all things at once requires around the clock live in childcare, something many cannot afford and still others wouldn’t want nor consider as “having it all”.

Now that I have two children and nearly five years of balancing career and family under my belt, I’m not so concerned with “having it all”. What does that even mean anyway?! I’m more concerned with enjoying and making the best of what I’ve got.

In the fall of 2012, I attended a CT Forum event with my mom, “The State of Women”. It was an amazing evening for a variety of reasons, the utmost of which was getting to see my mom’s excitement over being in the same room with Gloria Steinem. I forgot, until I received an email earlier this week, that the panelists at the Forum event were asked that age old question, Can Women Have it All? I hope you will take a moment to watch the responses, which are fabulous, that answer the question once and for all…who cares!

As long as you’re living your life the best way you can for you and your family and you’re happy doing so…then it looks like you may just have it all!

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