My backyard!

My backyard!

I find it fitting to write about snow storms today because most of us are either working at home while trying to tend to children that didn’t make it to day care, or working from home because we can’t get out of our driveway! But there was one particular blizzard that brought an entire neighborhood together many moons ago and it was the best time I can remember having with a bunch of people who were all stuck on a side street that wouldn’t see a plow for days.

It was close to dark and we didn’t have to worry about the kids playing in the street because there was no way that any vehicle could move. Everyone’s car was buried.

And since we were a pretty close-knit neighborhood, and we had a couple of dads who were like the Pied Piper with the children who lived on the street, they started to talk about getting together for a Blizzard Party!

Word spread like wild fire and before you knew it the women were grabbing food from their kitchens and the men gathered whatever beer and liquor they had (which wasn’t enough) and we all trudged up the street to one of the houses that offered to have this crazy, spontaneous party at their house. We were REALLY lucky to have a neighbor who owned the Liquor Store around the corner! So the men all took a toboggan and forged their way through two feet of snow and brought back enough beer for the evening. This was totally illegal because it was way after curfew for the sale of booze, but who was going to rat on us? Nobody!

The kids all amused themselves by sledding and sliding and coming in for hot chocolate or food when they were hungry. It was a huge Smorgasbord and we feasted on everyone’s donations. There wasn’t even room for all of us to sit at a table or find a piece of a couch, so some of us sat on the floor. We relished the hot dishes and good company. We delighted in the squeals of laughter that echoed from a few dozen kids of all ages who knew that there wouldn’t be school for days!

It was a party to end all parties. It was a party for all ages. It was a party that none of us will ever forget and it went on into the wee hours of the morning.

So I guess I’m writing this in the hopes that young families and old will take advantage of a storm such as todays. When your work is done, check to see how your neighbors are doing. Invite someone to share your space, or dinner or a movie or whatever. You just might find yourself starting the party of a lifetime and make memories that your kids and family will talk about for years to come.

Because after 25 years, my old neighbors and their kids are still reminiscing about the Blizzard Party!

Enjoy the snow everyone!

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