You have probably heard it over and over again – the age-old complaint by most moms that even when they’re sick, they rarely get a break from doing all things Mommy-related. Generally, I am no exception to this – I often just “suck it up,” make sure my hands are clean before touching my kids’ faces, and keep on truckin’-on. No rest for the weary, you know? But today was a different day…

Yesterday, I woke up feeling a little…”off.” I made it through the day without any major issues but as the day progressed, it became clear that my “off” was going to turn into some sort of sickness. I couldn’t tell what it was (Sinus infection? Cold? Flu?); I just felt “out of it.” By the time the kids had gone to bed, and I had cleaned up from the night’s activities I was exhausted and forced myself into bed before 9:30, thinking that a full night’s sleep would knock this thing out.

Mother Nature had other ideas. I spent a good portion of the night on the floor of my bathroom with my head perched on the edge of the tub. In my hallucinations, I saw a scary bearded lady standing over me, shouting, “You think you can beat me?? I’ll show you…I will force you to expel everything you’ve eaten in the past 48 hours in small doses…from both ends. After you’ve looked at the toxic waste that has just emerged from some orifice of your body for the hundredth time, you will NEVER mess with me again…”

You get the picture.

I woke up as planned and took a hot shower, mainly to wash off whatever puke was still on my face – when I was done, I went over to my sleeping husband (who had also suffered because he had to hear me moaning and gagging all night long) and said, “You need to handle the kids…I need to lie down for a few more minutes.” He agreed without complaint (good man!).

Before crawling back into bed, I decided to at least make the kids’ lunch to save him a little trouble.  I totally admit, I half-@ssed their lunch: they got two slices of American cheese slapped between two pieces of white bread. Everything else was his job today which he did willingly and without complaint. My kids, on the other hand, were not having it (they are generally good kids but hey, they ARE three years old!).

From the moment that he walked into their room to get them ready, all I could hear in stereo from both my kids was, “NO, Daddy!!! Mommy doesn’t do it like this!!!!” They were discombobulated because Dad made them brush their teeth before using the potty (reverse order from what I do). They were unhappy because Dad picked outfits for them that I don’t usually put together (“But Daddy…this shirt doesn’t go with those pants!!!”). My daughter was unhappy because Dad wouldn’t let her pick the color of her ponytail elastic (and OMG, is he actually putting her hair into a ponytail??!!!).

This all continued as they moved into the kitchen until I heard my husband say “Today, we are doing it MY way because Mommy doesn’t feel good and I’m in charge…” 

Oh, yeah…that went over REAL well with two 3 year olds!

Despite “sleeping in,” I wasn’t really able to relax because I was stressed out about all of the commotion in the other room, but at least I didn’t have to be moving around the whole time like I usually do. For that, I am truly grateful. In all of this, my husband never once really complained about it, which honestly surprised me – maybe he knew how miserable I felt, or maybe he realized that when he’s sick, he doesn’t have to do a thing because I take care of it. He really stepped up – and despite the kids’ efforts to derail him, they STILL made it to school on time.

Score one for Dad! And for Mom, pass the puke bucket, please…



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