Something simple got me thinking about the sacrifices moms make for their kids the other day. I was making pancakes for my daughter and husband during the last snow day we had. When I make pancakes, the first few don’t always come out great. But the last ones in the pan? They are gorgeous, golden brown works of art. As I made sure the ones on my kid’s plate were the most beautiful, and of course the tastiest ones, I got to thinking, “Why do I do that? Why do I sacrifice my eating pleasure by giving her the perfect ones and leaving the crunchy burned one for me?” And what other sacrifices have I been making since I’ve become a mom?

Of course, I know why I give her the best pancakes. That’s an easy one. She’s a kid! I love her and want her to not only eat what I put in front of her but also enjoy the memory of “Mom’s Perfect Pancakes!” I also don’t want to hear the complaints about shitty pancakes on her plate! Here are a few more on my list of things I’ve sacrificed since becoming a mom:

My body – Never mind what they used to be; Things just ain’t where they used to be! And the black and blues she gives me when we’re goofing around she’s having a fit? Will I be able to ever wear shorts again?

My mind – On a good day, I still have half of it. No one ever tells you that Mommy Brain is permanent. I forgot something the other day (I honestly can’t remember what it is that I forgot) and I decided to give myself a break. I’m not going to chastise myself for what I forget, but give myself credit for everything I actually remember. Like pants.

My time – Don’t get me wrong, I love spending every minute of the time I’m not at work with my girl. In fact, I actually miss her when I’m not with her. Now that she’s older, the time I’m talking about is the time spent doing other things. Waiting while she’s at dance, or prepping for the Girl Scout meeting, or attending another training to be her Girl Scout leader. Or PTA meetings. (Ok, I haven’t gone to one yet, but I will, I swear!) I’m happy to volunteer my time and wish I had more time to give. But sometimes, OMG I just need a manicure!

Give up my Friday night for Family Dance Night at school? No problem!

Give up my Friday night for Family Dance Night at school? No problem!

My good lipstick and many, many pieces of jewelry – “Of course you can play with that ring, sweetie.” Seriously, how is it possible for one ring to be lost in a house for so long? I know as she gets older, the disappearance of my things will only get worse. I’ll take it as a compliment if she’s still snagging my stuff when she’s a teenager. Cool mom here I come.

My bed – We were a co-sleeping family for the most part when Zoey was little. Even after she was sleeping in her own bed, I would wake up some mornings to find her asleep on the pillow next to me. How did she get in here? Recently, we switched from a king size bed to a queen. We really didn’t have the physical room in our bedroom for such a giant bed. One bad dream later, it became a family bed again this weekend and I became the “monkey in the middle”. I was left wondering if it was the right choice. This is the part where I remind myself that she’s only little for such a short…ouch get your knees out of my back!

My dinner – Because why eat what’s on your plate when what’s on mom’s plate looks so much better? (#itsthesamedamnthing)

The bottom line is that’s not such a bad list. Sure, I don’t get time to exercise and sometimes it feels like I’m being pecked to death by a duck. But the end result is that I love that little duck. I never realized how deeply I could love a child until she came to be mine. Are the sacrifices you make for your children really considered sacrifices? I don’t know. But I’m not sure I care. I guess when you realize how much you love that little person, that person who you would step in front of a train for, giving up a few pancakes isn’t that big of a deal.

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