Today is Valentine’s Day and also I am one week away from my due date. So in classic working mom fashion I went to the grocery store this morning and picked up store made cookies for the class, boxes of chocolates and Dunkin Donuts coffee for the teachers and sent my son on his way.

I do not feel one ounce of guilt either. Who has time to make homemade cookies when I feel like an alien is trying to crack my pelvic bone and make an escape? The funny thing is the daycare teachers looked happier than ever when I handed them the coffee.


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I have also had a crazy week with work since I am trying to jam everything in before I leave. It’s funny because normally I wouldn’t care so much if the craziness preceded a vacation or something fun but let’s be realistic ladies. I am looking down the barrel of a newborn which means: no sleep, no showers, no hot food, a beat up vagina among other wonderful things. Do not get me wrong I am excited to meet the new addition and I feel completely blessed but being a second time mother we are not in awe of the newborn as we are more in fear, LOL.

So to all my working mother’s out there I want to tell you I love you, I will be back after I push this baby out of my vagina and will most likely have some funny stories after my maternity leave. So do what you have to do to survive, stop feeling guilty all the time and realize you are fucking AMAZING!

Remember this Alien making it's entrance?

Remember this Alien making its entrance?

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