This Magical Monday I’m grateful for:

* Special friends who saved my son’s birthday by braving the snow ~ so, so grateful to have such good people who care about my boy.

* Bacon. Lots and lots of bacon. I make it for my boys most mornings, but I’m quite sure I end up eating most of it. Thank you, Tasty Pigs!

* Weekends with friends. We’ve been doing our best to spend time with friends every weekend and it stopped the last couple of weeks because of sickness. It’s so nice to actually BE with people again!

* Supplements. I’ve been plagued with low energy and adrenal fatigue for months years and now I’m actively doing what I can to thrive, instead of just survive. Supplements and outside help (in the from of chiropractic care and energy work) is boosting me.

* Doing a beautiful in-depth Spirit Baby Reading this past weekend. The Spirit Baby energy makes me so blissful and happy! LOVE me some Spirit Babies!

* Homemade pizza made by my hubby ~ hamburger, mushroom and lots of oregano. Yum!

* My sweet special boys who tell me many times a day how much they love me. They’re happy boys ~ free to be themselves. It’s such a blessing to be their Mama.

* Today is my oldest son’s actual birthday ~ he turns 9 today. Celebrating with balloons, cakes, presents and tacos for dinner.

* Tacos! It’s my favorite dinner and I love that it’s also all my boys favorite dinner!

What are you grateful for this Magical Monday?


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