Thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law Carlene, my husband and I were treated to a kid-free night this weekend. As I dropped my darling girl off for a sleepover at her auntie’s house, I ran through the possibilities of a totally grown-up night ahead. As with all plans, life usually throws in a curve ball. This time it was in the form of the stomach bug for my husband. He wasn’t going to be up for any wild late-night party action so that narrowed our list a bit. Who am I kidding? I’m in the over-40 crowd. That right there kicked the wild late-night party action right off the list.

So what’s a Mom to do with her freedom?

The first thing I did was take out the Frozen/R5/Kidz Bop cd that had been on repeat in my car for DAYS. I listened to music with actual swears in it! And I listened to it LOUD. Ok, it was Hall and Oates “Rich Girl” but I still felt like I was getting away with something wicked. Don’t judge.

Then I stopped at CVS and stocked up on half-price Valentine’s candy! Yes, I was going to binge on chocolate and I wasn’t in the mood to share! Scored some great deals and made myself feel loved at the same time!

I got home and decided I wanted to open the bottle of wine that’s been sitting in my fridge forever. I never do that! I’m no teetotaler. Seriously, I love to drink wine. I just never remember to do it! In the hectic chaos that somewhat resembles dinner time and bedtime preparation, I usually don’t remember to get myself a glass of water let alone pour myself a glass of instant enjoyment. But not that night, my friends. I cracked open that wine and had a glass with dinner…which immediately made me tired, so I switched to Diet Coke.

Then my husband and I settled in for a night of Netflix and Premium Cable. The glory of it all was that we started watching shows with nudity, foul language and murder and mayhem before 7:00 at night. Before bedtime people! Anything but Disney that early is usually unheard of! We didn’t have to wait to ignore each other while we sat on the couch to enjoy the dastardly doings of Congressman Frank Underwood in “House of Cards,” the gory undead-ness of it all on “The Walking Dead,” or the hot-bodied pirates in “Black Sails.” (Ok maybe I enjoyed that one more than my husband did.) You know, shows meant for adults. It. Was. Beautiful. There was not a kid show in sight. Well, ok, we did record the series finale of “Good Luck Charlie” because well, who doesn’t love that show?

I also indulged myself and slept in until…8:00 the next morning! It was an awesome treat.

The very last thing I did with my kid-free time? I really missed my daughter. The house was too quiet without her, her room too empty. I couldn’t wait for her to get home. We ran into each other’s arms and hugged and kissed. Then she immediately went into the living room to watch TV. It’s ok, I know she missed me too.

Kid-free night and that mess is at someone else's house?  Sign me up! Photo: C. Lange

Kid-free night and that mess is at someone else’s house? Sign me up!
Photo: C. Lange

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