This past week we celebrated our son’s third birthday.  Jake came into our lives on Valentine’s Day in 2011, and from there on out, now officially shares the day with my favorite holiday of all time.  I can’t help but get nostalgic when I think of how he came into my life, and turned my husband and I into a family after 21 hours of labor.  At exactly 12:00 a.m. on a chilly Monday morning, he decided that was as good a time as ever to join us on the outside.  We all cheered in the delivery room- my doctors and nurses, my husband and I- everyone knew we secretly hoped for a Valentine’s Day baby.


When talking about how to celebrate his third birthday, my husband and I came up with the bright idea of taking our little family to where it all began- The Hospital of Central Connecticut.  Before you think we’re nuts, let me explain- when you have a family of four, and two of those members are children aged three and under, you go out to eat where you won’t go insane.  Well, that, and the hospital cafeteria has an amazing and inexpensive variety of food options for kids and parents, and the seating area is wide and expansive.  Translation= kids can eat burgers, fries, and vanilla pudding for dinner, parents can score a grilled chicken salad, and your dining table can be transformed into a play room without many people noticing.  Oh, and have I mentioned the gift shop?  Yep.  A huge win for everyone!!  The kids loved it, and Jake felt like a little King picking out his dinner from all of the different stations in the cafeteria.


After dinner, we went to the maternity floor and delivered a big container of chocolate chip cookies to the doctors, nurses, and staff to commemorate Jake’s birthday anniversary.  It was our little way of thanking them for being super amazing three years ago, and to spread a little Valentine’s Day love to everyone.  We plan on making this a new family tradition, and will do it again in September to celebrate Olivia’s first birthday.  Some times the best traditions are the little traditions that are without fanfare, without planning, and rich with memories.


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