Happy New Year: Patience in 2014 – Update

Last month I wrote a post about my 2014 New Year’s resolution, with the goal of becoming more patient and understanding. It’s been over a month since I made that commitment and I am pleased to report that I might, in fact, be just a smidge more patient!  You are probably thinking, “just a smidge,” but if you knew me, you would know that event just a smidge of patience is a big deal. I’m still trying to figure out this whole “patience” thing, but I can say that there are a few things that are contributing to me being a little calmer.

For starters, I’ve cut down on my weekly “to-do.” I have come to the conclusion that laundry doesn’t immediately need to be put away and dishes can stay dirty in the sink for a few hours longer.  Also, my husband and I have had more “alone-time” together. This has allowed me to really spend some quality time with him and let loose. Also, I have been doing more yoga exercises and stretches, in which I can even feel some of my tension and stress go away while doing it.

So ladies, while a “smidge” is just a “smidge,” I am very happy to be making some progress. A New Year’s Resolution doesn’t just happen overnight and I think people who believe that it does, fail very quickly at their resolution. Let’s all just take a little more time and show some patience in trying to reach our goal!

How is your New Year’s resolution holding up?

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