I’m feeling it’s time to unleash more True Confessions ~ one of my absolute favorite things to do.  Here we go:

* My 9 year old is taking a homeschool science class, which he loves. The only bad part is that he has homework, and I have to help him.  I’ve said a few choice things about homework in his presence and I resent I have to help him. In my opinion homework should be done away with altogether because it teaches kids to bring their work home. Work should stay at work. School should stay at school. I feel very passionate about this and I won’t even debate anyone who says anything differently. HOMEWORK SUCKS!

* All winter my 9 year old is the only son out of 3 that has been properly attired for outside play. My 6 year old absolutely refuses to wear anything but crocs (and has been like this since he was 2) and the boots I ordered for my baby didn’t fit. So when we play out in the snow my 2 year old wears his sneakers and socks (and never complains) and my 6 year old stays inside and plays video games (and never complains).

* I haven’t washed my bedsheets in well over a month.

* I haven’t washed the bedsheets on my boys bunk beds since Christmas. (Do you KNOW how hard it is to make bunk beds?!)

* I don’t really care about washing bedsheets.

* I let my baby eat ice cream for breakfast because I know I’m no match for a 2 year old and the battle isn’t worth it.

* Amy’s Organic Burritos are a true staple in our household. If the boys don’t like what we’re having for dinner they’ll eat those. When I can’t figure out lunch, they’ll eat those. Sometimes they have them as snacks. I go to BJ’s and spend $60 on burritos. I’m known to feel a little panicky when we’re running low….like right now. Off to BJ’s today!

* I probably make too big a deal out of messes in my house. I have a rule: “only one mess at a time.”  Sometimes I feel guilty because I want them to be free to explore and I don’t want to squash their creativity, but a messy house REALLY stresses me out. I’ve been working on this.

* I sometimes buy those huge troughs of Utz Cheese Balls even though no one else likes them except me and my 2 year old. I’ve been known to hide them from my 2 year old when we’re getting too close to the bottom.

Those are some of my latest. Care to share yours? Happy Magical Monday. ♥

Spilling Secrets!

Spilling Secrets!

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