Before having my daughter (who is now almost 3) I thought I wanted multiple kids. I have 3 siblings myself and love that I have so many treasured childhood memories. My husband thought he wanted 2 kids so I figured we’d at least have that many.

Not so much.

My pregnancy was more difficult than we expected and my daughter’s birth, yeah well I’m kind of a broken record at this point about how traumatic that was. Add to this that she was colicky until she was 6 months old and we both were pretty much past the idea of having another kid. My husband has been more adamant than me about not wanting another child, in large part because of how crappy it was for us for a while but also because 2 kids in daycare is so much $$. Seriously, I don’t know how people do it.

Now don’t get me wrong, we love our daughter to pieces (actually to the moon and back, as she would say). But all of those factors I just mentioned left us scared about adding another child to our family. Plus we kind of like the lifestyle of having just one kid.

But to be totally honest with you, deep down, I do want another child. I worry that my daughter will grow up feeling likes she missed out because she didn’t have a little buddy. When I picture future family outings, like camping and family trips, I picture having two children along for the fun. The more I let myself imagine another child, the more I feel like someone is missing.

And people, your Facebook photos are not helping! Every time I pop in to check my newsfeed I find myself melting over cute sibling photos.


Pictured: Steph’s girls. This photo makes my ovaries hurt.


Pictured: Elise’s girls. One giving the other a hug during time out. ADORABLE.


Pictured: My childhood friend Lauren’s girls walking hand-in-hand. Swoon.


Pictured: My college friend Stephanie’s kids enjoying morning snuggles.


Pictured: My friend Christy’s kids holding hands in the car. So cute!


Pictured: Carly’s adorable girls engaging in some couch snuggles. I want in!


Pictured: My friend Dena’s kids. Having a sleepover together! ♥


Pictured: My FB friend Rosa’s adorable girls giving each other kisses!


Pictured: OK not technically siblings but this is my daughter and her BFF, the closest thing to a sibling she has.

I know that even if we have another child, there is no guarantee they will be close. I also know there’s a lot of sibling fighting and it’s not always as peachy as these photos make it look. But on the flip-side I want my daughter to know that she has someone else in this world to rely on and to make wonderful memories with. Will I have another child? We’ll see. In the meantime, I’ll keep swooning over your cute sibling photos.

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