The day was going quite nicely, especially for a Monday. I got in a morning workout, blew dry and straightened my hair for the first time in, ummm, maybe 3 years, got everyone dressed and fed with no meltdowns, didn’t hit much traffic, and dropped the kids at childcare, both eager and excited to see friends and play.

I had an extremely productive morning, crossing off items left and right. I went to a lunch meeting and then connected with a colleague to finalize plans for a project I’m working on. Feeling good, kicking butt!

Back at my office, I sat down and started working on the remaining to do’s for the day, and then, it happened. “Good afternoon, this is Jillian.” Professional me picked up the phone only to be met with mom me.

Apparently, Edith has the trots real bad. She must be picked up immediately and out of childcare for 24-hours! Nooooooooo (picture scene from The Princess Bride). “I’ll be there ASAP”. As I hang up the phone, I’m already thinking about what I will need to do in order to be prepared for tomorrow and a now haphazard day of being both a professional and a mom.

At this point, I must say, all jokes aside, that I am extremely fortunate to have a job that allows me to take off at a moment’s notice to pick up my child and the flexibility to work some hours from home when a child is sick. More and more jobs/companies are coming around, which is good, but it can’t come soon enough.

I ended up connecting with my husband who can cover the morning shift, meaning I will be able to get a productive half day in followed by sporadic work from home (during nap time, which is a bonus) in the afternoon.

So, it looks like this week will be much different than I anticipated, but it will be a great week! Even though I don’t have control over my children’s illness, I do have control over that!

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