Oh karma – you fickle friend you.  Okay, so, confession: I used to be a little judgy.  I didn’t actually realize how judgy I was being until I had some hindsight to look back on it, but yeah, I have been known to give a side eye or two at certain times…

Not to worry, though, 4 years of parenting my crazy trio has knocked all the judgement right on out of me.  So, to continue in that vein of confession, I share with you a list of things that I have previously judged other moms for, that I’m now guilty of myself:

– Yelling at my kids. See also: losing my cool in public. I’ll never forget the time that I was giving the kids a stern talking to (not yelling per se, but not using a “conversational” tone either…) in the parking lot of daycare.  I finished my reprimand, and turned around to see another mom RIGHT behind me.  I was mortified.  She complimented me and offered an “I’ve been there” smile.  Still, I’ll never forget it…

– Bribing.  How exactly did I think I would never do this?? I think I bribed my kids 16 times before we even got out of the house this morning.  Shit, I even wrote an entire post about how I bribe my kids.  And, let’s just say that there’s a reason for that little bag of M&Ms next to the medicine in the cabinet.

– Being out with a kid, at Wal-Mart (or any public place, really, but Wal-Mart just makes it seem even worse) way past any reasonable bed time for a child.  If only I had known that one day I’d have an insomniac toddler, I would have saved myself a whole bunch of side-eyes.

– Three year old still crawling into bed with the parents.  As much as I might whine about the interrupted sleep, there’s a part of me that loves it.

– Catering to a kid’s picky palate and serving “kid food”.  Dude, some days I’m just not up for the battle and maybe *I* enjoy a meal of chicken nuggets and mac once in a while, okay?? I make sure they eat a vitamin.

– Letting them OD on TV.  Do you KNOW how many snow days we’ve had this winter?? And of course my kid chooses to pick up some mystery illness following the long string of snow days just so she can add sick days to the mix. ::sigh:: A mom can only play so much Barbies and legos.

Now, I’m off to print off my “Reformed Judgy McJudgerson” sign for #moms4moms day!

Join CT Working Moms & The Bump for Moms for Moms Day on March 4th. It’s a (mostly) virtual day to promote judgement-free motherhood. Get all the details here.


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