This Magical Monday I’m grateful for:

* A super-sweet card in the mail from a Dear Friend full of love and appreciation. It made me smile and made my day. Thank you! (You know who you are!)

* A healthy family, who is actively working on upping our happiness quotient!

* This book. If you want your life to change in magically dramatic ways, read it. It’s a quick 30 minute read. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it will change your world! I promise!  (Have your husband, spouse or partner read it too!)

* My family handling canceled plans with friends with ease yesterday. We’ve had so many plans canceled due to snow or sickness this year that I guess we’re all just rolling with it.

* Making myself available to a friend who is going through something very tough right now.

* Been working really hard on my aerial silks stamina and strength!

* Our family went to the gem and mineral shop at Nature’s Art on Saturday and we all had so much fun! I’d never been there before and was in heaven amongst all the crystals. We all picked out a crystal for our home, we cleaned them, put our intentions in them and we know they’ll help us bring more magic in our lives.

* Did I mention our family is healthy? So happy to be able to say that!

* Today is my Dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Popsidoodles!

* Tomorrow is Moms-for-Moms Day! Now an official holiday in CT! Whoo-hooo!

What’s making you smile this Magical Monday? ♥


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