This week was an exciting time for CT Workings Moms. From celebrating Moms for Moms Day, to appearing in local papers and NBC Connecticut; we also had the pleasure of attending an exciting event at The Bump’s headquarters in New York City!

I know I can speak for my fellow bloggers when we say “Thank You” for taking the time out of your busy day, to take and share your inspirational photo messages with us.  It was truly a day we will never forget.

While the main message of our “Judgment Free Motherhood” campaign was to empower moms to embrace each other’s parenting choices and owning your own decisions, I felt it was important to do something nice by including fathers into our day.

For the most part, these fathers are the supportive shoulders for the mothers who make difficult decisions. Rather it be returning to work or becoming a stay-at-home mom, to deciding to stop breastfeeding or to try just a little harder. Whatever decision mothers make, there is usually someone they rely on for support and vetting, and typically, it is their significant other.

Furthermore, these fathers are the ones that rely on the mothers to make sure the “to-do” list never ends, that their children are fed and clothed, that all the grocery shopping is done, the bills are paid and the family is overall “happy.” I mean, come on, where would this world be without mother’s right?

So, that being said, I asked some willing fathers in my office, who appreciate all the hard work  we mothers do, to take a group photo that just shows how much they appreciate us.


Sweet isn’t it?



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