Alternate Title: Keeping it Real: A Photo Essay

There’s been a lot of talk around here lately about judgement-free motherhood and supporting each other through this wild ride of raising happy, successful humans.

This is where I expose myself to show that I too am impervious to judgement.  (Yeah, right.  I totally feel the criticsm coming through the computer.  Whatever, I’m doing it anyway.)  We’re all in this together right?

I can’t do it all.  I can’t even do some of it most days.  I can get up everyday and keep moving forward though.  That’s my daily choice.

So…without further ado, here are the things in my world that I’m ignoring while I am mothering.

photo 4

Clean laundry piles on top of my dresser

photo 2

Random book #1
It’s been in that spot for a week

photo 2 copy

Random pile of books #2
Why doesn’t this bother anyone else in my house!?

photo 3 copy

More @#%$^ laundry

I thought there was a "no toys in the living room" rule in this house.

I thought there was a “no toys in the living room” rule in this house.

photo 1

PLEASE tell me you have a spot in your house like this too.

photo 1 copy

Kitten’s room. Not even worth trying to clean it, it’s like shoveling in a blizzard.

photo 5

I’ve lived in this house since June. Think I should unpack?


These beauties?  Definitely NOT ignoring.

photo 4 copy


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