Ever since my little honeymoon with myself 2 months ago, I’ve been doing what I can to nurture and love myself on a daily basis.  Taking care of myself first has almost become a ritual, although it does take some discipline. It’s just so EASY to neglect ourselves…why is that?! Making myself a priority is not an easy habit, but I can see how the benefits are starting to steep in ~ for me and in turn, my family. Here’s some of self-love practices I’ve been putting into action the last 8 weeks:

* Instead of watching TV after dinner (’cause really there is NOTHING on that I want to watch EVER) I’ve been taking a candlelight bubble-bath. I ask the boys to give me some alone time for about 20 minutes and then I let them come in the bath with me or talk to me. We’ve had some really great conversations while I’m in the bath. I come out a relaxed Mama and they are happy with the undivided attention I’ve given them. (Drinking hubby’s homebrew while in the tub makes the experience even sweeter!)

* Taking myself shopping for pretty things. Last month on my oldest boys birthday I was feeling sorta blue. I took my baby with me to a local flower shop to get birthday balloons and as I was waiting for the balloons to be blown up, I browsed around and bought myself some pretty spring-colored napkins, a pair of silver dangly earrings, a crystal angel, and a butterfly magnet. Just this little act of self-love really perked me up. Who says retail therapy can’t work?

* Another day, I was at my wit’s end when hubby came down from working in his office. He said “Do you need to get out of here?” and I said “YES!” as I grabbed my things. I went to Pier One and bought myself MORE pretty things ~ candle holders and bubbles for my candlelit baths, a sparkly scarf, and a sparkly chenille blanket for our couch. It was so fun coming home with my treasures and making our house more beautiful to look at.

* Getting some energy work and adjustments from a wonderful chiropractor. She’s very in-tune and we speak the same language. It has been wonderful being “seen” and helped by a kindred spirit.

* Taking some supplement to help my energy ~ I gotta say, taking a Vit B complex has worked wonders.

* Committing myself to my aerial silks practice. I’ve been doing some work or training almost every day for a month now. This is a major source of joy for me. MAJOR.

* Teaching my boys to do more chores and to do more things for themselves. The older two are 9 and 6 years old and now they help me empty the dishwasher, feed the dog, clean up after the baby, and fold their own clothes. THIS is a very nice thing for me.

* Making more time for hubby at night. I’ve learned that I need less sleep than I used to, so many nights hubby and I have time to talk or watch a movie or have some lovin’ between 9 ~ 11pm. This is good for us and the whole family.

* Not worrying about money and knowing that I’m always provided for. I’ve been making my own money with my Spirit Baby work and I call it my “Pleasure Account.” I use it for things that I really enjoy (like the retail therapy stated above) or for saying YES to my boys. Recently we were at Walmart and there were so many fun things for us there that I just kept saying YES because we were having so much fun. Instead of worrying about the money, I knew that if I was really enjoying myself the money would come back. Sure enough, that very night I got an order for my Spirit Baby work that more than covered my expenses at Walmart. (I just want to point out there’s a big difference in spending money for pleasure than spending money to fill a void. I can always tell which I’m doing because of how I’m feeling. Spending for pleasure is MUCH more fun.)

* Reading this short book (if you have a kindle you could be done reading it and onto a better life in just 25 minutes!). Seriously, read the book. No, I’m really, really, really serious. And have your men read the book too ~ the cover is aimed at them, obviously…

* Treating my body with love. On top of my bubble baths and energy work, I’ve started getting bi-monthy massages. Yesterday I had the most LUXURIOUS four-hands massage ~ yes, being massaged by TWO people. It was utterly fantastic and I’ll continue to do it because my body loves it sooooo much.

*Disclaimer: It would seem that I have a ton of money to spend after all I just mentioned above, but really, I spend my Pleasure Account down to a few dollars each month. I just have come to a place where I KNOW I’ll have the money for things that I really want to do. It’s been a joy and freedom and it’s something we can all do. Follow our pleasure, love ourselves and KNOW we’ll be provided for. Happy Mamas = Happy Families. And that’s just the truth…

Happy Magical Monday. ♥



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