In January about 16 of us bloggers went to New York City for a super fun photo shoot at The Bump. I struggled to come up with something to wear. Nothing I owned would represent me correctly as the hip professional mom who’s someone important at a brand transformation firm (hint: that’s not really me). I settled on a shirt and jeans, each from stores where I don’t normally shop (because of price). I bought some jewelry I’ll probably never wear again. I wore shoes that I absolutely never wear to work because they are so uncomfortable. Overall though, I was happy with my outfit and I will wear it again. On the day of the shoot, I could not believe the shoes some of the women working at The Bump were wearing. Did they wear these when walking to work in the city?? The heels were outrageous. And the clothes – it was 20 degrees outside and they were all wearing silk shirts. I figured these ladies had to be in their early 20s and there was no way any of them were actual moms. I had my arm around a beautiful girl and I assumed she was an intern pulled in for the photo. Turns out she was the managing editor or something crazy successful like that. AND she had just returned from maternity leave. With her SECOND kid.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 10.03.11 PM

Here’s a look at the necklace I’ll probably never wear again. At least my sign is true to who I am – we really do eat together every night.

Fast forward to the party at The Bump earlier this month. My co-worker brought me these amazing blue heels that perfectly matched a new scarf I’d found on the clearance rack. I was excited that my footwear would finally fit in with the NYC girls, even if these shoes were something I’d never wear back home and would probably fall over in.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 10.08.40 PM

And wouldn’t you know it, the NYC moms were all wearing boots for the party! Ha! Rather than feel sexy in the super high heels, I felt like a fraud. I don’t think in my day-to-day life I go out of my way to try to impress anyone (certainly not with my wardrobe!), but thinking back on this made me realize I’m just better off being true to myself. So here is a short list of who I really am!

I’m Jenn and I’m a mom who:

  • Never wears high heels, panty hose, or makeup. I’m not a member of the Girl Club.
  • Writes a blog which often centers on ways to keep your cool as a parent and I still lose it more often than I’d like.
  • Works hard but I don’t consider myself as successful as many other moms I know.
  • Isn’t that interested in climbing the corporate ladder or making a fortune.
  • Has no idea how to handle two fighting children.
  • Feeds my kids mac and cheese several times a week for lunch and dinner.
  • Changes into my PJs the second I walk in the door. I also wear a super unflattering ankle-length LL Bean robe around the house in the winter.
  • Prefers wearing jeans, t-shirts, sports bras, and fake Uggs all weekend (if I make it out of the house).
  • Prefers not making it out of the house on weekends.
  • Can’t remember the last time I mopped the kitchen floor.
  • Is sad I put the cat to sleep, but not that sad that I don’t have a cat anymore.
  • Hardly ever watches TV and never knows what shows or celebrities people are talking about.
  • Hides from my family.
  • Talks to my mom on the phone at least twice a day.
  • Would prefer to go to bed early than do most things.
  • Picks out my kids’ clothes everyday.
  • Eats chocolate syrup right out of the bottle as a midnight snack.
  • Is scared of zombie shows.
  • Is pretty sure there is no way in hell I could handle another kid.
  • Keeps score.
  • Hardly does any yoga anymore.
  • Just ate the last cupcake that I had promised to my husband.

There I said it. I feel so much better now.

Here's me in my PJs and ankle length blue bath robe. (We were sitting on the kitchen floor because the baby had the stomach bug and I didn't want her to ralph on my carpet)

Here’s me in my PJs and ankle length blue bath robe. (We were sitting on the kitchen floor because the baby had the stomach bug and I didn’t want her to ralph on my carpet)

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