1. You have conversations about Jake, Sophia, Max and Ruby;

2. You impulsively scream “fire truck” every time you pass one in the car;

3. You say “listening ears” and “use your words” often;

4. You know the backstory of the Avengers and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles;

5. You buy more fruit in one grocery trip than you ever thought imaginable;

6. You know ‘how dinosaurs say I love you’ and that ‘dragons love tacos’;

7. You have spontaneous dance parties morning, noon, and night;

8. You know all of the words to ‘Ba Ba Black Sheep’;

9. You rate restaurants on the availability of crayons and wikki stix; and

10. You consider a trip to the library and the playground a perfect weekend.

Enjoy your toddlers and Pre-schoolers. I’ve been told it goes fast…and I’m starting to believe it!

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