I honestly have to say that I loved my teenagers. My husband was the one who loved the babies, and not to say that I didn’t love my children, but you can’t rationalize with a two-year old. Teenagers know right from wrong and I have always believed that seven was the age of reason.

So…. That being said, I will share a teenager (actually pre-teen, 12-years old) incident that to this day makes me laugh. Of course at the time, I couldn’t let on because discipline had to be dished out, but I can tell you it was difficult not to burst out laughing at this scenario.

My third eldest daughter, yes you know whom I’m talking about, and her twin cousins were all born within a few months of each other and became fast friends in grade school. They chummed around together and shared all their little secrets while growing up together. We all happened to live in the same town and they all went to the same grammar school. This was convenient for both my in-laws and me, as we never hesitated to ask for help with the babysitting. Consequently, these three kids were tight as glue. It was almost like they had their own secret society!

March 17th! St. Patrick’s Day…

For the most part, my husband’s family being Irish Catholic and my family being Polish Catholic (That’s a lot of Catholic guilt you have to know!), we were always involved with the church that we belonged to. So when the St. Patrick’s Day Dance came up every year, we would all attend and join in the festivities! I actually sat on the St. Patrick’s Day Dance Committee for a number of years and it was great fun to attend this yearly event to dance, eat and drink the night away. It was one of the few cheap nights out for grown ups who had a bunch of kids and couldn’t afford to go anywhere else most of the year.

The kids were now old enough (at least in those days, 12 was okay to stay home alone) to take care of themselves while we were at the dance. Since these girls were all so close, my in-laws and I decided that it would be okay if they all stayed together at my in-law’s house for the evening. That way they could entertain each other and have a good time.

What we didn’t know was that, behind our backs, they had made plans of their own! They were going to have a little (I stress little) party while we were all at the dance. They knew we would not come home until after midnight, so they put the word out to a few friends to come over when the “old folks” are gone. Well the word spread. It spread fast! And the next thing they knew there were ten-fold the kids that they wanted at my in-law’s house and they found my brother-in-law’s stash of beer! The next thing they know (you guessed it) the cops are there! All this happened while their unsuspecting parents are dancing the night away at a church social!

By the time we got home all was quiet.
We picked up my daughter, who acted totally normal, drove home and went to sleep without a word of the incident.

The next day my sister-in-law calls me to tell me what happened.

“Chris, when we got home last night there was something weird going on in the house. IT WAS TOO CLEAN! Then Al (my brother-in-law) started to walk the perimeter of the house and found two beer cans! When he went to his beer stash a lot of it was gone! The kids had a party. They confessed. The cops were here! I can’t believe this!

Okay… Okay…. I’m a little pissed. I’m ready to confront my daughter.

I come home from work to find Katie at the kitchen sink doing dishes. (LOL! I used to have to hog tie them to the sink to do anything like that! Dead giveaway Kate!) And as I walk up to her I start by saying, “Katie? I just…”

She doesn’t even let me finish the sentence as she whips her 12-year old body around to face me complete with soapy hands and says…


I think they call that self-incrimination! Dumb kid… didn’t even think to plead the 5th! She was grounded forever, according to her, and her accomplices got off with light duty (which made both of us mad), but she did her time and took it like a 12-year old.

She always was the one who would stand in front of me and take her punishment without equivocation.
Now she has a daughter. I wish her luck.

Love ya Kate!

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