I know there are many mothers who experience significant guilt when it comes to hiring a babysitter and I truly feel for them. I don’t know if they feel guilt because someone else is caring for their child or if they feel scared about leaving them, or both. Whatever the reason may be, I hope that one day they are able to put up an “off-duty” sign and enjoy some much-needed relaxation and peace.

Our babysitter comes over about once to twice a week for a few hours. During this time, my husband and I do things that we enjoy, either separately or together. From running outside, partaking in some retail therapy to getting a massage or just simply relaxing upstairs (how’s that for a momsfession?!), we do it all and enjoy time to ourselves.


When we became parents, we made a promise to each other that we wouldn’t let parenthood get in the way of us living as beings, as individual people who still have interests and hobbies of our own.

When our babysitter knocks at the door, I smile for two reasons. One, that my daughter can have some time to herself and the other, for my husband and I to enjoy what we’ve had to put a hold on since having a child.

I wrote about this topic, because I truly want mothers to realize that it’s completely acceptable to hire a babysitter for a much-needed break. I don’t know why moms feel so guilty using the word “break.” It is almost a taboo thing to say in parenthood, but we all feel it deep down inside, it’s just some are more comfortable admitting it.

So my fellow mothers, go ahead, make a call and hire a babysitter. It will feel so good after you get over the initial guilt and you will feel refreshed and happy that you picked up the phone.

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