For my job I have to travel for overnights about twice a year. Before children this was not an issue but having my son Max has thrown a loop into how I feel about leaving for 4 days. I have felt guilty and sad but decided to write down the pros of having these two business trips and squash any negative feelings.  I am a firm believer in looking at the positive side of everything especially if you cannot change it. So for all my ladies out there who have to leave their children here are the reasons you should smile.

1. You can pee or take a dump in peace.

Bathroom pictures2. You have a maid cleaning up after you!


3. Uninterrupted sleep (Best part of every trip)

4. You can have that extra drink because the only person who will see you in the morning is your boss. You will just look serious at the meeting which can only help your career. (Just do not vomit on yourself that will NOT help your career)

5. Somebody else is in control of the cooking so you have meals made for you or you can eat out.

6. If you do eat out in a restaurant there are no melt downs, crayons on the table, or looks from other people about how your child is acting.

Toddler restuarant7. I love my husband but sometimes having a whole bed to yourself is amazing. NO SNORING!

8. You can go to the gym for as long as you want!

9. You will miss your children and appreciate them because you have not had to deal with the “every day” stuff that can bring you down.

10. The appreciation your partner gives you when you walk in the door. (The first time I came back my husband had flowers for me and a thank you card)

Stay at home dad

11. The smile you get from your child when you come home. It will melt your heart every time.

So ladies do not look at overnights as a bad thing! They have made me appreciate my child, and my husband has learned to appreciate me and the work I do as a mother. Most of all I come back relaxed and calm which makes the next six months of craziness more bearable.

Now that I think about this list I think every mother needs overnights!

Editor’s Note:  Katie is on blogger maternity leave so we’re sharing some of her older but still fantastic posts.

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