eeds at the farm

My daughter will be two soon. She is getting so many new words each and every day. My husband often quotes ‘Old School , “Look at the baby, look at the baby”, when I tell him to look at Edith, listen to Edith, did you see what Edith did? It’s a fascinating age, and yes… sometimes challenging.

In addition to her words, Edith is also becoming Edith, testing limits and challenging authority…constantly!

Her testing us isn’t as shocking to us, now that it’s the second time around. “This isn’t our first rodeo”… Although, now there is the added opinions and feedback of my 4, soon to be 5 year old, who is observing both his sister’s behavior and his dad and my reactions to it. This certainly brings an added level of pressure not to waffle.

For all of her intensity, Eeds is pretty fantastic and unbelievably hysterical. And, now that Don is actively observing Edith’s behavior, he is someone else to enjoy her with! She makes us laugh a lot and brings us a great deal of joy.

Some of Eed’s current catch phrases:

“Bye friends, see you later”
“I farted, ewwww. Ewww, gross”
“Mommy, I want Dora and Boots”
“I’m gonna get you”

I can’t imagine our life without crazy baby Eeds. Bring on 2! She’s ready and so are we!

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