This week has been one killer rodeo here at home.  Two kids battling the infamous stomach bug of 2014, appointments, car trouble, family obligations, training for this weekend’s Greater Hartford Quarter Marathon, and life in general- all while both my husband and I working our “day jobs,” I’ll be amazed if we make it out alive.  There are days, and weeks, even, with young children, that as a parent, I wonder how we’ll all survive the week.  Forget about getting through Livvy’s first year of life here, I’m talking the ole’ M-F work/home schede.

As a young working mom of two, I often look to my band of mommas who’ve been there-done that, and have “made it out.”  Our blogger, Stephanie recently wrote a piece that I felt, and I’m sure a LOT of you out there can, too, that her post was written just for me.  It resonated with me.  It reminded me why I’m here and why I show up every day.  It also reminded me that YES, it will get better, and YES, I will make it out.


I spent the better part of my morning cleaning up a bunch of crap (literally and figuratively), on the verge of tears at least 3 times before lunch, and just plain exhausted.  I was telling my co-worker/work mom about my morning and she, the mother of two widely successful and amazing grown sons, looked at me with a face of sympathy and support.  I looked at her and said to her, “You made it out, right?”

“Yes,” she said, and nodded with a reassuring smile.  “Yes.”


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