It makes an excellent night light.
I’ve used my phone’s flashlight app numerous times in the middle of the night to change a sleepy baby’s diaper, to make sure a sleepy baby has latched on properly, and to make sure I can see enough so I don’t wake a sleepy baby as I leave his room.

It’s an extra set of eyes when you’re trapped under your baby.
For the entire first month of Baby Boy’s life, I held him while he slept. I camped out on our couch, and my husband set up on an air mattress on the living room floor. That first month was brutally cold, and Baby Boy and I were often bundled in numerous blanket and clothes as we snuggled and slept at night. I was so paranoid about him suffocating in all of those layers that I would periodically pull out my phone and snap a “selfie” of us to check and make sure it looked like he could still breathe. Many of our photos together during those early days were because of my late-night paranoia.

On-demand parenting advice is at your fingertips.
Of course, I will take any advice I seek out online with a grain of salt, but I’ve answered a lot of questions via my smart phone’s web browser.

Facebook and Pinterest are boredom busters.
These apps have been life savers for me during many late night nursing sessions. Not only do they keep me entertained but, more importantly, they keep me awake during a time when it would be too easy to drift off to sleep. I’ve been able to stay more focused on breastfeeding by being slightly distracted by my friends real lives as posted on Facebook and their wannabe lives as posted on Pinterest. If I ever get bored with these two, I might just try to figure out how to use Instagram…

You can manage the rest of your life with one hand, while holding a baby in the other.
I’ve used my phone to write grocery lists, research things for work, write blog posts, and pay bills all while holding a sleeping baby. Thank goodness for my smartphone or I might never get anything done!

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