This Magical Monday I’m grateful for:

* Tacos. Seriously, without taco dinners there would be very few meals that everyone in my family would enjoy eating. That and I make about 4 pounds of meat, so my kids can eat many, many leftovers. (Yes, they had tacos for breakfast this morning.)

* It finally felt like Spring this past weekend. Hallelujah! My boys and I planted many spring bulbs and are excited to see what comes up in a few weeks. (And a true confession: I had no idea there were bulbs you could plant in the spring. I thought all bulbs were only for planting in fall. Spring bulbs may be the best things that’s happened to my garden!)

* My hubby’s magic in always getting our fountain pump to work. I loooove our outside fountain (running water is a must in my book) and yet I have this pump-curse in that I always break them. When I plugged in our fountain yesterday it didn’t work. Then my hubby came and bashed the shit out of it and now it’s working beautifully.

* Whenever my 2 year old starts to really grind my nerves I just remind myself that he needs a little more love. So I get down to his level, open my arms wide for a hug and he comes running. Even if I have to fake a pleasant tone, it usually does the trick in turning things around. Oh, how 2 year olds remind us of our limitlessness!

* I’ve been feeling sorta fed up by a lot of things lately, so my latest ritual is writing down all the things I’m DONE with (like battling with my 2 year old, fountain pumps that don’t work, and other annoying crap) and burning the pages outside in a galvanized bucket. My kids have been doing it too and we’ve found it very empowering. Plus it’s always fun lighting things on fire.

* Pansies, violas, and  other Spring flowers. And the cute guy that works at the greenhouse that I swear was flirting with me, despite my 3 kids in tow.  He was either flirting with me or he just flirts with the whole world, the latter being the most appealing. I think perhaps I sometimes flirt with the whole world and I’m going to continue doing so, in earnest, because it’s not only fun it’s contagious.

What are you grateful for this Magical Monday? ♥

Nothing beats free hugs when flirting with the whole world!

Nothing beats free hugs when flirting with the whole world!

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