images0HQZ0BE9This weekend our daughter had a series of unfortunate (health related) events. A bump, a bruise (or two), blood, vomit, and a fever all happened within a twenty-four hour period of time. At one point in the day, I swore someone was playing a trick on us. After all, we had spent the previous twenty-four hours planning for a one day-hotel-pool-getaway near Auntie Donna’s house. It was supposed to be a little adventure and relaxation for all.

Our little girl is trooper and I barely noticed the bruise Grammy told us about. Besides, I had just finished up and hour-long massage…so let’s just say I was really relaxed. Our kiddo is a little hyperactive and rather inattentive, contributing to a higher than average number of injuries and (oddly) serves to help distract her when she has been injured. So the ice pack worked and so did the announcement of pizza and bowling.

The bowling was where everything went downhill. A missed jump in a fairly regular game of bouncing resulted in her falling, hitting her open mouth on the edge of a wooden step. Let’s just say that there was quite a bit of blood and lots of cuddles. She managed to cut her gums on the inside of her mouth, as well as a small cut to her lip. I believe just about every parent knows that moment. The moment when you’re not quite sure how bad it is. Is this a wet wash cloth and ice, a call the pediatrician, a car ride to urgent care, or an ambulance ride to the emergency room? All of which we have done.

After forty-five minutes of a wet washcloth, ice, and a multitude of cuddles from the adults; Sage was back to dancing and ready for a slice of pizza. We managed to swim that evening and ate a very late dinner that evening. I should have recognized trouble when she commented with, “I feel sick!” Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether our little girl is repeating something from a book, acting out a video, or telling us something important. Early the next morning, after avoiding the first round of vomiting, I would recognize that she was telling us something important.

As our son dressed for the pool, Sage and I acted out a few scenes from Llama llama Home with Mama. I was hoping for her sake, she would have a chance to swim one last time. It was at that very moment, I noticed her nose had started to bleed at some point. During the second round of throw up, I realized it was a pretty significant nose bleed. I’ll spare you the ugly details of the bloody nose/vomit moment…but DEAR GOD! On the way home, we only had one accident…and selfishly I was glad I was the driver.

As you would imagine, by the end of the day, Sage was back to her usual self. After eating lunch and putting herself to sleep for a two-and-a-half hour nap, she was back to playing. She had a little bit of a fever, but all of her bumps, bruises and cuts are healing. My question this morning was to call not to call (the doctor)? As soon as we call and schedule an appointment, they are better. Time out of work, time away from school, and often a bill when its not necessary. The opposite is also true. When we think its not a big deal, we’ve allowed our child to suffer longer than necessary.

Before this blog was finished, we had a scheduled dentist appointment and five-year old ready for school. All I have to say is… you just can’t make this parenting stuff up!

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