I’ve spent the past 30 days (and counting) doing something crazy.  Something I had long convinced myself was impossible.  I’ve worked out every single day.  Three young kids, working full-time, sickness, dinners to cook, far too much laundry to clean and still, a trip to the gym every.single.day.

Now, let’s just start off by being clear about one thing…no where in this post will I be uttering the words, “What’s Your Excuse?” because that, and all it implies, is just obnoxious.  For years my exercise routine was non-existent inconsistent and my “diet” included anything I could eat with 1 hand while feeding a baby with the other.  I was plagued by guilt during those years knowing that I *should* be working out more or eating better.  Images of Hollywood moms and all those freaking #fitspo memes just bounced around in my head and frankly? Made me want to eat a cookie.

What I’m coming to realize now, is that I wasn’t lacking willpower. I wasn’t making excuses, and I wasn’t a failure…I simply wasn’t making diet and exercise a priority.  And, yes, while that did take a certain toll on my health, I can be gentle enough with myself to say that it’s okay.  I was placing a high priority on my children, my family, and my career and that IS OKAY.  I was still doing important things with my time (obvi), working out just wasn’t usually one of them.

Right around the end of February those priorities started shifting.  I was pretty comfortable with where things stood in other aspects of my life – kids were a little older and more manageable…I was settled into a new job with a decent work/life balance – and I was feeling ready to take on a new project: me.  It was as simple as being ready.  It didn’t come from a place of guilt or disgust or frustration, as my diets so often have in the past.  Instead, I was feeling empowered and perhaps a bit excited to take on a challenge.  Turns out, that mindset has made all the difference.

It hasn’t exactly been easy to get to the gym every day…we all know all the demands and obligations that sit on our shoulders every moment.  At first I had to prove to myself that I had the time; but, when it became something I *wanted* to do, rather than *had* to do, the days seemed to pile on each other a bit more organically.  Two days a week I get it in before work, 2 days a week I get it in after the kids are in bed, 1 day a week my wife takes care of dinner and bed time so I can go directly after work, on Saturdays my son has a gymnastics class that lines up perfectly with my Zumba, and on Sundays I squeeze it in somewhere in the morning.  I have also been utilizing my lunch breaks a couple of times a week for a little extra cardio.  I’ve found that this schedule works well for me because I’m not borrowing drastic amounts of time from any 1 area of my life (ie: missing out on sleep getting up early every day or only using my “me time” in the evenings).  Just some small adjustments in my sleep, work, or evening schedule and I’ve found the time I didn’t think I had.

Here’s what’s really cool…when I started making my workouts a priority, and saying “no” to my family on restaurants that wouldn’t help me get to my goal…the world kept turning. Seriously.  One way or another the laundry kept getting done and my kids still slept peacefully that one night a week I was at the gym instead of tucking them in.  We all enjoyed cooking at home more and my productivity at work is no different now that I’m actually taking a lunch break once in a while. I’m coming to see that when the timing is right, the rest will fall into line.

I’m ready.  I’m willing.  I’m worth it. 30 days and counting…


Just the beginning of a journey, but I’m liking my momentum!


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