As all of you Instagrammers know, today is National Sibling Day.  Which also happens to coincide nicely with #TBT (Throwback Thursday).  So now, normally when I’d be posting up throwback pics of me and my husband both hot, tanned, and enjoying a few pops pre-kid, I posted up a pic of me and my brother, Anthony.


Awwwwww!! Cute, right?!  I saved the embarrassing pics of us jumping around in diapers and our undaroos for the family photo album.  And just for good measure, he we are all growed up.


Still cute, still loving each other.  We were always Sibling Besties.  Like BFF Besties.  And that I absolutely love the most about us.  We are each other’s best friend, and being brother and sister, I think that is unusually out of character- that sort of thing is customarily saved for sisters.  We broke that mold.


It is for that reason that I just hope Jake & Livvy share the same type of relationship.  Right now there is a LOT of love going on there- Jake is completely head over heels for his little sister.  Honestly and truly, that is HIS SISTER, and make no mistake, he’s devoted to her!


He can’t go to bed without hugging Livvy while I’m feeding her and rocking her to sleep.  He can’t get dressed in the morning before he’s found out where Livvy is so that he can say hello to her.  When he was home sick last week, and Livvy was at daycare, he asked me at least three times, “Where’s Sissy?!”

Jake & Livvy -Sibs 4 Life!


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