Sometimes it feels like all you do with young kids is run…and run…and run.

Other times, they can be the perfect reminders to just slow down.

This week, while distractedly rushing through the store, trying to adhere to some arbitrary schedule (we really weren’t crunched for time that day) my daughter literally asked me to stop and smell the roses. And they were lovely.

"You do it too, Mommy." Photo credit C.Allard

“You do it too, Mommy.”
Photo credit C.Allard

This past weekend, while pulling her out of the car after an unusual late night out, I was again rushing, needing to get her to bed. My daughter noticed the crescent moon and pointed it out. We stopped. The sky was clear and beautiful, and there were so many stars surrounding the moon. We stood there and she just looked in awe. For all my hustling I would have missed how peaceful the sky was that night, if not for her.

Two days ago, we were out for a nice walk with my sister and nephew. Our route happened to take us past my favorite building in town, a beautiful bed and breakfast in the historic section of town. I’ve passed it on the street many times, but never took a moment to walk through the gate and take a closer look. When my daughter saw it, though, she wanted to get up close to the “beautiful castle.” I was just as excited as she was for the mini detour, finally being able to really see the architectural details on the grand house.

Thanks for making me pause for a moment, kiddo! Photo credit C.Allard

Thanks for making me pause for a moment, kiddo!
Photo credit C.Allard

Maybe next time, we’ll take the extra time to venture inside.

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