30-year-old mother looking for compassion when sick. Prior to her having a baby, her husband helped her when she was sick, doing such things as going to the store when she needed medicine, giving back rubs and even making her light meals. Unfortunately, now that they have a toddler, the husband can’t seem to handle taking care of a baby and helping his wife when she’s sick. While the wife is not looking to be pampered and spoiled, a small amount of compassion and understanding would be beneficial for both her physical and mental health!


How’s that for a modern age “Want Ad?”

Are you like me and can’t remember how many times you’ve been sick the first years of your child’s life? While people say it gets easier after the first year, I’m not sure how much longer I can take this. It is really frustrating, draining and exhausting. How many of you are going through this?

Yesterday I left work early with a horrible sore throat and temperature. I came home and rested before I picked our daughter up at daycare. Luckily, my mother came over to help since my husband was working late. When he came home, we were all in bed resting. He had the whole night to unwind and do his own thing. However, last night I didn’t sleep well and I tossed and turned a lot. When we both woke up this morning he said he felt so tired, because I kept him up. Well, I am sorry, but what can I do?

I asked him for a few things this morning, such as getting me some tea and a heat pad, and I just sense his frustration.  For me, it ticks me off, because he was never like this before. Can parenting really change the way a husband and wife emotionally take care of one another when ill? This seems to be the case in our house.

While I know it’s frustrating for everyone in the household when one person is sick, I just needed help with a few things – is that too much to ask for?

Disclaimer: My husband was made aware of this post prior to it being published. He is a good sport and even laughed while reading it. However, I do fear he is going to post some feedback in the comments section!

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