This Magical Monday I’m grateful for:

* The surprise I gave my Mother over the weekend. The following is copy and pasted from my post on My Everyday Magic and will tell you the story:

“My first piece of magic is that I was able to surprise my Mom with something special yesterday ~ something I’ve kept for a secret for almost a year. When my grandparents died  a few years ago they left me their piano. At the time I had no means to ship the piano from Pennsylvania to Connecticut and with 2 small kids, my motivation to make it happen wasn’t really there, so my cousin took it to Chicago. I’ve never been one to have regrets in my life, but over the last couple of years, I really regretted not bringing the piano home. Not only would I have loved to play the piano again (I took many years of lessons as a kid), I would have loved to have a piece of my Grandparents in my house. I let the regret fester until I worked up the courage to ask my cousin about it last Spring. He was so gracious about it, and knowing that our Grandparents had left it to me he offered to look into shipping companies for me, so I could bring it home to Connecticut. It took so many months to work out the details, work out communication with the moving company, wait for the shipping cost to come down and find a a driver for the truck. Finally, in late January the piano was delivered to our house….in a snowstorm…at night.  The big truck couldn’t make it up our road so the movers pushed the piano uphill…for a quarter of a mile…in a snowstorm…at night. Guess you had to be there.

Anyway, I wanted to see the look on my Mom’s face when she saw her parents piano (because her look of surprised delight is camera-worthy) so I refrained from mentioning any of this to her on the phone or even here on MEM. (Do you know how HARD it was to leave out the fact that we’ve had a piano in our lives the last 3 months?!) This weekend was the first my parents could come see us and we’ve all been so excited to surprise her! And it was exactly like I pictured ~ they walked in the house, Finn started playing it so she could hear it, my Mom walked in to see our new piano and then realized it was the piano she learned to play on growing up. I got 2 pictures of her surprised delight, which I wish I could share here but they are too blurry, so it doesn’t do it justice. But yes, I got teary-eyed watching her. It was worth the wait.”

(I’m still smiling about this!)

* The fun Easter my kids and family had, even though I was really not into it. (I’m trying to phase out Easter and other holidays and replace them with some of our own that we make up.)

* Family coming and family leaving. Both wonderful things.

* My aerial silks practice continues to thrill me!

* I’ve been working out each morning ~ even if only for just 12-20 minutes and it’s helping my frame of mind so much. And that way, any exercise I do later in the day is an added bonus!

* Marshmallow peeps!

* Bird watching with my parents.

* Shawshank Redemption ~ one of my all-time favorite movies. It was on TV last night and we watched it with my parents.

* Staying up too late and talking with family. Even though it made me tired the next day it was so worth it.

* Feeling new beginnings!

What are you grateful for this Magical Monday? ♥



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