On February 10th my lovable and snug-able baby boy, Luke, came into this world.  Having had a c-section the first-time around with my daughter, I was hoping for a natural birth.  I envisioned a beautiful drug-free, peaceful birth that would be like this:

rainbows and butterflies
Twenty-six hours of  labor and one epidural later, I eagerly requested opted for a repeat c-section.   It still was a beautiful, empowering birth, but rather than rainbows and butterflies, it was a little more like this:


Despite feeling like a sliced pizza, it was one of the happiest days of my life.   Adding this baby to our family has made life a little more complicated and chaotic, but in a good way (on most days anyway).  It’s good to have balance in our household so my husband doesn’t feel overwhelmed by two demanding women.  Thankfully, our daughter loves her baby brother.  Now if only we can teach her to be a little gentler with him.  This is pretty much how she holds the baby when she gets her little hands on him:


Despite this being my second rodeo, nursing has had its ups and downs.  But we’re slowly getting through them.  My baby is pretty much an all-day binge eater and so this is pretty much what I do all day long:


But I have to confess that being a constant milk machine has caused me to be a bit neglectful of my daughter. There are days when I don’t have the strength or ability to get her ready for school in the morning and don’t give a sh*t if her clothes are mismatched and hair long and unkempt.  She might have gone to school looking like this a few times:

cousin it

The best thing to have come from adding another kid to our family, is that my husband has risen to the challenge in an awesome way.  From making lunches, putting our daughter to bed at night, cleaning up around the house, and just supporting me in every way through my postpartum recovery, my husband has really become my hero!


And while I am still trying to figure out this whole mother of two gig, I feel blessed beyond measure to have this dynamic duo in my life to love and raise.  Sure, sometimes I am left feeling tired and drained, questioning if things will get easier or if I can pull this off. But mostly I keep pinching myself wondering how I got to be so lucky.


It only took four people to help my kids with this classic sibling pic. Photo credit: MG Peak




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