I’m tired. Really tired. Like many moms, I just don’t get enough sleep. On a good night, if I get 6 hours, I’m thrilled. On an average night, I’m looking at 5 hours if I’m lucky.

Unlike some moms, my sleeplessness isn’t due to waking children (I know, many of you are saying, “Oh cry me a river…my kids wake up throughout the night…” but let me tell you, I’ve paid my dues over and over again). It’s due to the fact that I just can’t find enough time in the day to get the things done that I need done, and the only way I can get it done is to sacrifice my sleep.

So, I need a sleep intervention in the form of advice on how you all do it. I look around and I see moms who have their sh*t together – house is in good shape, kids are fed and happy, AND they manage to squeeze in much-needed exercise and sleep…and I wonder, what the F*** am I doing wrong??

Let me start by saying that I outsource NOTHING besides daycare. I don’t believe in hiring a housekeeper, a lawn maintenance person, or a handyman to do the things that I (we) should be able to do myself. Yes, my house is dirtier than I’d like it to be, the yard is not as tidy as it could be, and there are a few things that need some attention, but it’s livable, and for me, that’s enough. Perhaps my only answer is to give it up and outsource everything, but I am cheap and I just can’t make myself waste money on something I should be doing myself; I’d rather take that money and put it towards guaranteeing a future for my kids.

So, I continue to try to figure out how to juggle LIFE, and I am continually frustrated at my inability to do so. I have recently made it a goal to be asleep by 9:30PM since I wake up at 4:00AM (really 3:50 since my watch is 10 minutes fast), and in the 1.5 months that I’ve had that goal, it has not happened a single time. Why?? Because I get home at about 6:15 or later. By the time I get the kids fed, it’s about 7PM. By the time I get them bathed and ready for bed, it’s 8PM, and by the time I am saying “…don’t let the bedbugs bite…” it’s AT LEAST 8:15. My night is just beginning at that point – I need to clean up, do a load of laundry, and do whatever household chore needs attention (all I can say is thank goodness for household cleaning wipes). Hubby helps too at what he can but he’s often outside doing everything else that needs to be done.

In the morning, in order to get to work by 8:30, I have to get up before 4AM. What the hell am I doing in that time? Damned if you ask me…it’s like freaking time warp. My morning schedule usually looks something like this:

3:50 alarm goes off
4:00 drag my @ss out of bed
4:00 clear out eyes enough to put contacts in, brush teeth, etc
4:15 get dressed – workout clothes, socks, shoes, etc.
4:25 check on kids
4:30 make and drink coffee
By the time I use the bathroom, stumble downstairs, get the TV set up, etc, it’s about 4:45 before I am actually running on the treadmill
4:45 run
5:45 (to about 6:20) – make kids’ lunch, prep breakfast, clean up from all food prep (load dishwasher, wipe counters, etc)
6:20 shower and get ready for day
6:45 first wake up call for the kids, finish hair and makeup (usually wearing sweats/tshirt)
7:00 kids are finally out of bed. take kids to bathroom, brush their teeth, get them dressed, do their hair
7:15 warm up and serve breakfast
7:30 kids eat while I get changed – hubby takes over with kids
7:45 get everyone ready (shoes, jackets, etc) to leave
By the time they are strapped and in the car seats, it’s 7:55
The commute to the office and daycare is 10 minutes. Dropoff is another 10 minutes.
8:20 sit down at desk

I just can’t figure out how to get it all done. Maybe I can move faster at the things above but hey…if you woke up at 3:50, would you be moving fast in the morning? I could make the kids’ lunch the night before but when I did that, not only did I not get to bed until 11:30, my kids wouldn’t eat their lunches (I like to send hot lunches – if I make it the night before and nuke it to put in the thermos, it comes home uneaten).

So, PLEASE…I need some tips before I do end up looking like an old, fat hag. Or I need an extra few hours in my day…

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