This weekend I had some rare and precious alone time with my oldest son, Finn. He helped me write my post for My Everyday Magic on Saturday and I loved seeing all the things that he was grateful for, so I thought I’d include all my kids in this Magical Monday post so we can see the things that light up their days. So here we go:

My 9 year old Finn is grateful for:

* A new Skylanders game is coming out in a few months (he just found out).

* Sharks.

* The puffles on Disney’s Club Penguin game.

* Amy’s organic burritos.

And some fun ones from Saturday’s post:

* That he has so many interests and so many things he likes. (A daily quiz he gives me is “Guess what my favorite things are today?”)

* For his ability to communicate with animals, even if all his friends think he’s weird. 😉

* And the final thing Finn is grateful for today (besides soda) is (in his words): “My third eye will popping up soon.” A boy after my own heart. ♥

My 6 year old Roan is grateful for:

* how it feels to help people.

* feeling happy all the time.

* my family and my little brother and pets. I have the best cat and dog and fish in the whole world.

* chicken and candy.

My 2 year old Kai is grateful for:

* Trucks.

* tractors.

* trains.

* popsicles.

* Mama.

It’s so sweet and fun to see all the things that make my kids happy. And now a True Confession: as I was asking Kai what he was grateful for, he got all caught up in the idea of watching tractor videos on my lap-top. He started screaming when I wouldn’t let him and then I screamed “I have to get out of here!” So I walked out of the house and paced my yard for a couple of minutes taking deep breaths (he’s been sooooo making me work on keeping my cool lately and I don’t always pass the test). The ironic thing is that my losing my cool with my kids as I write my gratitude list is a regular occurrence ~ each Saturday when it’s my turn to put the first post on My Everyday Magic, they constantly interrupt me and ask me for things no matter how much I try to take care of them beforehand, and I’m often snapping as I post my gratitude. How ridiculous is that? My husband just walked in as I was writing this and my kids said “Don’t interrupt Mama and make her lose her cool.” You know what he said? “Oh, she must be writing her gratitude list.” Yeah……..

So perhaps what I’m grateful for right now is realizing I really need to be firm on setting boundaries so I can get my work (play) done. I went into my office and closed my door to finish this and I should probably just do that more often. Gratitude shouldn’t be a pain in the ass. It kind of defeats the purpose.

So yes, today I’m VERY grateful that my kids showed me another way I can take better care of myself. Thanks boys….

Happy Magical Monday. ♥

My Three Best Teachers

My Three Best Teachers


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