My son has always been a picky eater and we have always struggled about what to do about it. He legit gags sometimes at the mere thought of putting chicken in his mouth, and mashed potatoes…forget about it.

The food issue is the biggest deal for him and us at dinner time. At breakfast and lunch, he has enough options he likes. He’s fine with fruit, cereal, pancakes, french toast, bagels, muffins, and donuts, but struggles big time with bacon and eggs. Lunch is his best meal because he loves yogurt, any and all fruit, and a pb&j sandwich, but tuna fish, grilled cheese, or BLT’s, again, they’re a disaster.

Dinner, however, brings it to a whole new level. His-my-our options are severely limited. If it went his way, there would be 4 dinners and 4 dinners only, Mac & Cheese, pizza, pasta with tomato sauce, and tacos. Tacos are the love of his that I just don’t understand at all…but he loves soft shell tacos, sans tomatoes, and taco night. Your guess is as good as mine.

For a long time there, I simply avoided foods he didn’t like, and to be quite honest, some times, when I’m just not functioning at my top mom effectiveness, I sell out and only serve things I know he will eat. I do pair those foods he loves with carrots or broccoli and dip and a fruit, but still, pasta and pizza isn’t my idea of healthy eating.

His issue starts well before the meal is on the table too. When we discuss the evening ahead and inevitably touch on dinner, he immediately asks what we’ll be having. As soon as I utter the words chicken, or green beans, or potatoes, or corn, or lasagna, or meatballs, or hamburgers, or soup…you get the gist, he begins to push back, saying he doesn’t like it or doesn’t want to eat it.

We are at our wits end over here. I don’t have illusions that I will ever enjoy a warm meal again in the presence of my children, but I would like one without tears and/or hours of time spent on a meal I made…after a full days work mind you! Before I go googling the entire internet for suggestions and advice, I thought I’d pose it to you, my community of supportive and brilliant moms. Have you experienced this?! What did you or do you do?! I need help. Any and all suggestions and feedback is welcome! Thank you!

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