Every mother of young children knows this drill…

It’s your turn to bring cupcakes, cake, brownies, soda, snacks, etc. to school for whatever the occasion is. I will tell you all right now, that as a working CT mom of four daughters I HATED THIS!

I worked a crazy job. I worked 70 hours a week sometimes. And of course, it was always the day before I would have to bring some sugar laden, sugar coma inducing, over active stimulating type of food to the elementary school. So I would be up until 2:00 a.m. slathering some stupid frosting on 32 cupcakes or trying to write Happy Birthday on top of a Betty Crocker sheet cake to not feel like a looser of a mother!

You know where I’m going with this.

So by the second child in elementary school I went to the teacher and said, “Look, I can’t do this. I’m not Donna Reed and I work too many hours and I’m up all hours of the night and I’m exhausted AND I HATE THIS! Sorry Sister,” whoever it was at the time.

“I will do anything else that fits my schedule but PLEASE….


There was many a time that I felt terribly inadequate as a mother due to this. You had the mommies who would seriously put Martha Stewart to shame with their inventiveness and creativity. I was not a Martha fan. Instead, I had to figure out what I could do to fill the void of “Neglectful Mother Syndrome.”

So I told them all, at each elementary school, that I would be able to help them with anything they wanted for the kids that was part of my job. I could help with producing a flyer. I could help with setting up templates for their computers, I could help with chaperoning 8th grade dances (usually on weekends), I could help with anything but flour, eggs and a hot oven at midnight! And do you know what? They loved it! FANTASTIC! I was off the hook.

This was easy. Since I sat in front of a computer all those hours a week, throwing together a flyer for the school took me 15 minutes. Posters? Not a problem. Took a half hour at the most. School dances? Those were on Saturday nights and they ended so early I could go home and catch a video! Excellent!

I got through all four kids like this. And the funny thing is, I still help my kid’s elementary school to this day. But now, since I don’t have the work load I did for the last 42 years of my career, I can take the time in the afternoon to sit with a bunch of teachers and 8th graders to teach them what I still know I do the best. Adobe Creative Suite 6! Yep! Teaching them Graphic Art stuff and I love it!

And to this day, all those teachers who were there when my kids were little have let the new faculty know one thing….

Ivers doesn’t bake!

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