One of the amazing things that happens when your child gets older is that he learns to make friends.  I will arrive in the school parking lot and begin unclipping Jake and Olivia from their car seats to hear Jake shout, “Mommy! Look! It’s Stephen!”  I’ll turn and see a little toddler walking into school with his Mom.  I had no idea this little boy’s name was Stephen, but Jake is well aware of his friends!  Watching him make friends and develop relationships with other tiny people makes my heart swell.


This year marked the first time Jake was invited to kid birthday parties.  Watching him run up to each of his friends to hug them and jump up and down?  Just kills me.  The fact that he has friends and his own little groupies is really just the cutest thing ever to me.  He talks about his friends at home on the weekends, he tells stories about them, and is constantly asking me if he can have them all over our house for a big party.


Looking at Jake play with his friends and tell me about how much fun he had with them at school takes me back to the memories of my first friends.  Going over their houses for play dates, running around together at recess, and bouncing from birthday party to birthday party.  Who knows who his friends will be in the next 10 years, but for now, hugs all around, and stories to share at bed time are such a trip for me.

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