A community is only as wonderful as its members. And this community of moms is one of the best around!

We just started our 10 day kindness challenge leading up to Mother’s Day and for me, a big part of being kind is recognizing the kindness of others. The 25 bloggers of CT Working Moms are some of the most compassionate, caring, intelligent and beautiful women I know. Each week they share  little pieces of their lives with the world wide web with the intention of making motherhood feel a little less isolating for others. When we read about other people’s lives and see ourselves in their stories, we feel more connected and less alone, and that is exactly what these women do for our little community.

In a few months we’ll hit a new milestone – the 3 year anniversary of this website. In three years we’ve experienced a lot together (and I mean A LOT!) and have had a surreal opportunity to spread our messages to moms across the world. While we’ve always tended towards cultivating an environment of kindness here on the site, our Campaign for Judgment-Free Motherhood that was launched in June of 2013 has made us even more committed to ensuring that this website is a safe, comfortable place for all moms. And that literally would not be possible without the dedication, love and loyalty of the women who write for this website.

I have to tell you a quick story about these women because it exemplifies just how incredible they are. Last week one of our bloggers told us that her co-worker was suddenly gaining custody of her young granddaughter and she literally had nothing for this little girl. Our bloggers rallied immediately and sent this woman (who none of them even know) a toddler bed, an array of toys, books, shoes, clothes and more. Watching their compassionate response and seeing how fast they all worked to make sure that this little girl and her grandma would have everything they need just about made my heart burst. I am so proud to know these women. They make me a better person and I’ve learned so much from every single one of them.

So today, I have a surprise for them.

Whole Foods Glastonbury, Whole Foods West Hartford and Whole Food Bishops Corner gave me a serious hook up and provided me with a special bag for each CT Working Moms writer.


For some reason I had this overwhelming desire to lay among these precious bags!

Each bag has different items with things like jam, gourmet pasta sauce, beverages, chocolate, snacks and more!


Also included in some of the bags is toxin-free nail polish and specialty bar soap! And if you know me YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE TOXIC FREE STUFF!


Seriously, a big thanks for Whole Foods for providing me with these bags so that I could do something special for the women of CT Working Moms. Whole Foods has been a big supporter of ours over the years (even including us as one of their favorite websites in their magazine!) and we love having this connection.

So to the wonderful & special women of this website, I adore you, I’m grateful for you, I learn from you and I’m really, really lucky to have you in my life.

Christa Allard

Sarah Bernhardson

Carly Corrigan

Melanie Dunn

Jenn Ford

Cora Fuss

Jillian Gilchrest

Gena Golas

Emily Gonzalez

Chris Ivers

Natacha Jaboin Kerelejza

Sharlene Kerelejza

Vivian Lee-Shiue

Randi Mezzy

Melissa Bengtson Muszynski

Mary Grace Peak

Ann Quasarano

Holly Robinson

Elise Schreier

Katie Schunk

Marie Schweitzer

Kriste Stevenson

Kate Street

Tara Sundie

Stephanie Wright

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